2016 Reasons to Oppose Trump: Reasons #43-63

Another day, another detailed list of why Trump should not be President. And guess what else happens today? The Democratic National Convention starts. Yay! If you’re surprised that I’m a Democrat, you’re obviously new here. And if you’re new here, then you don’t realize that I’m posting 21 reasons every day for 99 days to show why Donald Trump should never be the President of the United States. I’m not trying to push any of the other candidates in these posts, even if I do prefer one party to all the others.

Now that I’ve gotten through with the disclaimer-esque statement, let’s get on to the discussion of Trump’s failings. Let’s see, we left off with Donald Trump allowing a racist gambler to dictate how he ran his casino, so let’s go to a similar claim about Mr. Trump and his casinos for number 43.

43. When Donald and Ivana would go to the casino, the bosses would order all black employees off the floor. For a man who vehemently denies racism, he’s done a lot of racist stuff. No one knows if it was just the bosses at his Atlantic City properties who made the order or if it was an order from the boss-man himself, but Kip Brown, a former employee, told The New Yorker about the “policy” last summer.

44. Donald Trump called black people lazy and said he only wants Jewish people counting his money. In Trumped!: The Inside Story of the Real Donald Trump — His Cunning Rise and Spectacular Fall by John O’Donnell, one-time president of the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, says that Trump once told him:

“Yeah, I never liked the guy. I don’t think he knows what the fuck he’s doing. My accountants up in New York are always complaining about him. He’s not responsive. And isn’t it funny, I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and at Trump Plaza. Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day. Those are the kind of people I want counting my money. Nobody else.” Trump continued with, “Besides that, I’ve got to tell you something else. I think that the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It’s not anything they can control…Don’t you agree?”

When interviewed by Mark Bowden for Playboy magazine in 1997, Trump responded that the account was probably true; but in 2016, he said that it was fiction. Are you starting to get the feeling that his claims of not being racist are a little disingenuous?

45. Trump was sued for lack of diverse employees in 1996 at a riverboat casino. Trump was sued by 20 African Americans in Indiana for failing to hire mostly minority workers for a Lake Michigan riverboat casino. Trump had promised that 70% of his workforce at the floating casino would be made of members of the minority community and 52% would be women. The lawsuit also alleged that he hasn’t honored commitments to steer contracts to minority-owned businesses in Gary.

46. Donald Trump is supported by Vojislav Šešelj. Admittedly, in late May 2016, Šešelj was acquitted by the Hague of crimes against humanity and war crimes in Croatia and Bosnia in the 1990s, but that doesn’t make his January endorsement of Trump any more acceptable. His acquittal was blamed by the ICTY’s judges on the prosecution causing confusion over his role in the ethnic cleansing of Bosnia. If Trump is being openly supported by people who are linked to ethnic cleansing and is refusing to disavow their support, then what does that say about Mr. Trump?

47. Trump is also supported by the Daily Stormer, Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, Michael Hill, and Brad Griffin. If Donald Trump was a shepherd, white supremacists would be his flock. It’s not a coincidence that white supremacists want Trump elected. He “speaks to” them, their hatred, their ignorance. The Daily Stormer’s publisher, Andrew Anglin, announced the support of Trump for his anti-Muslim plan with statements like “Heil Donald Trump — THE ULTIMATE SAVIOR” and “Make America White Again!” Anglin also appreciates that Trump has spoken negatively about Mexicans. Richard Spencer, who is “dedidcated to the heritage, identity and future of people of European descent” sees Trump as the candidate “bringing identity politics for white people into the public sphere in a way no one has.” Spencer said, “Identity is the most important question to answer. Who are we racially? Who are we historically? Who are we in terms of our experience? Who are we in terms of our community?” He appreciated that Trump “seemed to understand and echo many of his group’s ideas intuitively, and take them to a broader audience.” He also pointed out that “there’s no direct object” in Trumps’ statement relased disavowing David Duke’s endorsement. Spencer also believes that Trump will encourage more people to turn toward his beliefs. And while he used to believe that Trump might not share the beliefs himself, he now believes that “Trump thinks like” him and that that’s why people like him love and support Trump.

Jared Taylor was featured in pro-Trump, pro-white, anti-Muslim robocalls in Iowa by a super PAC. Taylor also appreciates Trump’s anti-Mexican rhetoric and said, “Ordinary white people don’t want the neighborhood to turn Mexican.” Trump failed to distance himself from the calls made on his behalf and even suggested that his supporters had “legitimate anger” behind their actions. Taylor has never supported a presidential candidate before, but he believes in Trump and thinks “someone who wants to send home all illegal immigrants and at least temporarily ban Muslim immigration is acting in the interest of whites, whether consciously or not.” Founder of the hate group League of the South, Michael Hill said, “I love to see somebody like Donald Trump come along. Not that I believe anything that he says. But he is stirring up chaos in the GOP and for us that is good.” Brad Griffin, writing under the name Hunter Wallace, is also a member of the League. In December, Griffin told Politico, “I think he’s doing a lot of this just to signal to people that he’s on their side.”

48. William Johnson was a delegate for Trump in California. For a brief time, Johnson, the head of the American Freedom Party, a white nationalist political party, was a delegate in California for Donald Trump. The campaign claimed Johnson’s name was the result of a database error. He resigned and stated he would not attend the convention.

49. Trump treats racial groups as monoliths. In addition to his taco bowl tweet, Trump has a history of looking at groups as though they’re monolithic. Like that time, in 2011, when he went on Talk 1300 in Albany, NY, and said, “I have a great relationship with the blacks. I have always had a great relationship with the blacks.” Aside from when he made the comment that Mexico was sending its rapists and drug dealers and the time he proved he loved Latinos by eating a taco bowl from the Trump Tower Grill, Trump said that he would take jobs from China and Japan and give them to The Hispanics. His exact words, “I’ll take jobs back from China, I’ll take jobs back from Japan. The Hispanics arae going to get those jobs, and they’re going to love Trump.”

50. Trump claimed that the mafia had infiltrated Indian casinos. In addition to the time that Trump suggested a tribe didn’t look like Native Americans, in 2000, Trump secretly approved of and financed an ad campaign that suggested Mohawks had ties to drugs and the Mafia. He was forced to pay a $250,000 fine after his role in the crime was discovered. It wasn’t the only time Mr. Trump tried the Mafia angle and may not have even been the last.

51. Donald Trump’s behavior surrounding the case of the Central Park Five. In one of his more despicable turns at being a fear-mongering bigot, Trump advocated for bringing back the death penalty as punishment for five minority teenagers who were accused and convicted of raping a woman in Central Park. Yes, he wanted to execute children. And when it was discovered over a decade later that the teens were wrongly convicted, Trump didn’t support letting them out of jail or paying reparations to them for their wrongful imprisonment because they weren’t angels. When the attack happened, Trump’s support of vigilante justice led to people wanting to hang one from a tree in the Park and horsewhip the others. In other words, Trump’s association with encouraging hate and violence is not new. The teens ranged in age from 14 to 16 years old when the attack happened. Members of the Central Park Five were shocked that he was the top candidate for the GOP, but said his unapologetic, vulgar behavior shows his character.


52. Trump condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matter protester. After a Birmingham rally in November 2015 where supporters beat up a Black Lives Matter protester, Trump suggested they had done the right thing and that “he should have been roughed up”. He considered protesting a “disgusting” thing.

53. Trump described Ferguson, Missouri as one of the most dangerous places in America. In May 2016, defying facts, Trump declared that Ferguson and Oakland are some of the most dangerous places in the country. He’d previously (wrongly) suggested that Ferguson was overrun run with gangs of undocumented immigrants in August 2015. Trump won’t let a little thing like facts get in the way of his fear-mongering.

54. Donald Trump said that Black Lives Matter lacked legitimate grievances. Donald Trump views Black Lives Matter as having “horrible” rhetoric and touts that it is “inherently racist. And it’s a very divisive term. Because all lives matter. It’s a very, very divisive term.” I guess divisive was on his word of the day toilet paper that day. He suggested that the real problems was that black people just don’t have the right spirit. He stated in 2015 that he thought “they’re trouble. I think think they’re looking for trouble. I think it’s disgraceful the way they’re being catered to by the Democrats, and it’s going to end up kicking them you-know-where. I don’t think it’s going to end up good.”

55. Trump called his supporters who had beaten a homeless Latino man in Boston “passionate”. When Steven and Scott Leader urinated on a 58-year-old Mexican immigrant sleeping outside the JFK/UMass MBTA station before beating him with a metal poll, they gave their favorite candidate a shout-out. Scott was quoted as saying, “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported.” And what did Trump say? Oh, yeah, he said this: “It would be a shame…I will say that people who are following me are very passionate. They love this country and they want this country to be great again. They are passionate.” I’m fairly certain that urinating on and beating a man won’t make the country great again, unless your idea of great includes lynchings and other race-based violence.

56. Trump’s speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition in December 2015 was horribly antisemitic. When Trump spoke before the Coalition in December, he drew on old Jewish stereotypes, saying things like, “I’m a negotiator like you folks, we are negotiators.” and “Is there anybody that doesn’t renegotiate deals in this room? This room negotiates them — perhaps more than any other room I’ve ever spoken in.” If that wasn’t bad enough, he said, “You’re not gonna support me because I don’t want your money. You want to control your politicians, that’s fine. Five months ago I was with you.” Though the ADL didn’t feel that he was invoking stereotypes to be antisemitic, his other antisemitic behavior and statements make me question that reality. After Trump made comments which earned him quite a few boos, he still managed to get the Coalition’s endorsement.

57. Donald Trump is a narcissist. Armchair psychologists the world over have made this declaration, but so have some actual mental health professionals. Trump is a very angry man, who happens to be extremely extroverted and not at all agreeable, traits which fuel his aggressive and ambitious personality. People so low in agreeableness are often viewed as untrustworthy and dishonest, which makes sense given Trump’s PolitiFact ratings. Trump is an authoritarian. Developmental psychologist Howard Gardner told Vanity Fair that Trump is “remarkably narcissistic”, while clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis said he was “textbook narcissistic personality disorder.” Clinical psychologist George Simon is so convinced of Trump’s narcissism that he’s archiving video clips as examples of the characteristics of the disorder. Psychotherapist Charlotte Prozan said he was easy to diagnose based on his behavior within the first debate. Trump is dangerous.

58. Trump has encouraged attacks on journalists. Trump’s rallies featured one thing that many journalists seemed to be quite alarmed by: a corral for them where they were verbally assaulted by the candidate and, with his encouragement, his supporters. But it’s not just rallies. He’s incited bullying of journalists on platforms like Twitter as well. His anti-journalist behavior has even alarmed the Committee to Protect Journalists.

59. Trump through Jorge Ramos out for challenging him on his anti-Mexican speeches. When Donald Trump threw Jorge Ramos out of an Iowa press event in August 2015, Ramos remarked, “That’s the real Donald Trump.” And that turned out to be extremely accurate. Trump didn’t like the question that Ramos had answered and chose to have the Univision anchor thrown out of the event.

60. Trump insulted the intelligence of voters in Iowa. After hearing that he wasn’t doing well in the polls in Iowa, Trump rambled on for 95-minutes about how stupid he thought they were. In reality, Iowa is actually one of the smartest states. Anyway, I guess Trump thought that being an asshole would convince people to vote for him. It didn’t work in Iowa.

61. Trump and Mormons don’t mix. I don’t agree with the majority of members of the Church on a lot of things, but disgust for Donald Trump is one of those rare things that unites most Mormons–active and inactive, conservative and liberal. The Church itself has even spoken out against Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims.

62. Trump has advocated surveillance of mosques and shutting some down. He can suggest that it’s all about security, but when the government seeks to intimidate or oppress a religion, there will be problems. Governments have used surveillance and other threats against religious movements to discourage members from practicing their faith. It is often a step toward taking religious liberties away from people.

63. Trump has supported the establishment of a national database of Muslims. There was, as he should have expexted, a backlash. He, then, changed his position to a database of Muslim refugees, but it’s still a disgusting policy to even suggest. Do I need to explain why?

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Visualhunt.com / CC BY-SA

2016 Reasons to Oppose Trump: Reasons #22-42

And so we begin day two in my almost Herculean task of listing the 2016 reasons why I believe Donald Trump is unfit for the presidency. As I mentioned in the first post, the 2016 reasons will be spread across 99 posts. The posts should be finished a few days before the General Election. As of this writing, I already have 365 reasons written down and have posted 21 prior to today.

22. Trump said he would punish women for having abortions. In an answer to Chris Matthews that caused pro-life groups to cringe and point out the absurdity of such a suggestion, Trump stated that there needed to be some punishment for people seeking abortions, but only for the pregnant individual, not the other “parent” and not the doctor. His campaign had to clarify the statement and, now, supporters of Trump like to say he was pressured into saying there should be a punishment for a person who receives abortion.

23. Trump’s family discriminated against black people and Puerto Ricans in its renting practices. They even denied housing to people who had been in the military. In 1973, their practices included marking non-white applicants as “C”—”colored”. The Justice Department filed a suit against Trump’s firm; it’s one of the largest of its kind from that time period. And when in court, their attorney, who had been an aide to civil rights hater Joseph McCarthy, portrayed them as victims of circumstance.

24. They preferred as tenants who were “Jews & executives.” Apparently being anti-black and anti-Puerto Rican wasn’t enough for the Trumps.

25. Trump has been late on taxes in New York. Multiple times. There have been over 100 lawsuits against Trump’s businesses for late or unpaid taxes. Even since his candidacy began, he’s been involved in five and had a tax warrant filed by the state.

26. Trump defrauded investors in Florida. In addition to more Trump University/Institute issues, and, potentially, a $25,000 payout to Pam Bondi’s campaign to drop her investigation, Trump managed to, along with a group of Tampa real estate developers, scam people into investing in a 52-story condo tower that they were told would be built downtown. The investments were made around 2004 and the condo was never built. Dozens of buyers sued, but only received a fraction of what they’d invested. The land was sold to another buyer less than a year ago. Similar incidents occurred in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Phoenix.

27. Trump has insulted the Chinese government. At the start of his campaign, Trump claimed to “beat China all the time” and that China was destroying America & its currency. He also mocked Asians and degraded them by speaking in broken English.

28. Trump said Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her” after the first Republican debate. He also managed to call Kelly unprofessional by asking him a softball question about his history of insults. I don’t know how anyone would have missed this misogynist debacle, but I guess some people have since it still gets downplayed. It wasn’t his only attack on Kelly—more on that later.

29. Trump repeatedly sparred with Rosie O’Donnell. Ah, yes, the individual who Trump believes is the only woman he ever insulted. In 2006, Rosie questioned why Trump chose to allow Miss USA to keep her title after she abused drugs and drank while underage. She felt it was inappropriate for him to discuss second chances and appropriate behaviors given his background. Trump, of course, felt that he was unjustly attacked and spat back, “Rosie will rue the words she said. I’ll most likely sue her for making those false statements–and it’ll be fun. Rosie’s a loser. A real loser. I look forward to taking lots of money from my nice fat little Rosie.” In 2011, he felt the need to insult not only Rosie, but her new partner.

30. Trump retweeted a post by the user @WhiteGenocideTM. Twice. For some very strange reason, Donald Trump has yet to master the retweet button. He’s continuing to retweet tweets in the way that users had to prior to its invention. As a result, he ends up quoting white supremacists like @WhiteGenocideTM (twice) and posting racist memes from those users. To not understand the platform’s progress over the years is sad, but dog-whistling the racists? There’s something really screwed up about that.

31. Just a few weeks ago, Trump posted an antisemitic graphic featuring Hillary Clinton. I remember waking up to people talking about Trump’s Hillary tweet. Despite the Trump fan and campaign claims, the people I heard it from were not members of the media. I opened up his Twitter profile and looked at it for myself and figured out it was racist all on my own. (Their tweets had not suggested what was going on.)  But, in case you couldn’t figure it out by looking at it, it wasn’t just the Star of David. There was the claim of corruption and the pile of money behind it. If you’ve ever looked into antisemitism, not just including that perpetrated by the Nazi Party, but the antisemitism that predated it in Europe for over a thousand years, then it’s pretty clear associating corruption and piles of money behind that Star is like a neon sign promoting hatred of Jews. And when it was discovered that the image was made by and promoted by antisemitic individuals, there were lies about it from supporters and the campaign. I mean, sure, your racism is shameful, but you should own it. If he wants to be the new Hitler, then he needs to come out and say it.

32. To defend himself from controversy after the antisemitic Clinton graphic, he used a photo provided by white supremacists of a Frozen coloring/sticker book. Sometimes it feels like Donald Trump is that racist relative on Facebook that everyone has, but no one really likes talking about…because they’re racists.

33. Trump once said that a group of Native Americans wanting to open a casino didn’t look “real” enough for him. In 1993, Donald Trump  talked about how certain tribes that ran casinos didn’t meet his standards of what a Native American should look like.

34. Despite being told it is disrespectful, Donald Trump continues to refer to Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas. Because Elizabeth repeated family lore ,in scholarship applications, that her family had Native American ancestry, some pundits and Trump have been foaming at the mouth at the opportunity to use that against her. Calling her Pocahontas is him using Pocahontas’s name in a derisive way. And I’m fairly certain that the Donald could figure that out if he looked it up or listened to people speaking up about it.

35. For reasons no one understands, he felt the need to say Heidi Klum is no longer a 10. Body-shaming Heidi was something that flummoxed everyone, even Heidi.

36. After the shooting at Pulse in Orlando, he advocated that patrons should have been armed. Even Wayne LaPierre, a man whose judgment when it comes to arming Americans is always in question, realized that arming a bunch of drunk people would be a bad idea. So that’s one gun-free zone that even the NRA wants to keep gun-free. Trump eventually claimed that he meant that security should have been armed, which means he probably didn’t realize that the first person who Mateen ran into was an off-duty cop.

37. The mother of Chris Stevens, the Ambassador killed in Benghazi, had to make a public plea for him to discontinue using her son’s name & death in his campaign. It isn’t the first time that she’s spoken out about her feelings on his Chris’s death, but she has demand that the GOP and Mr. Trump stop politicizing her son’s death. Given his past behavior, I’m guessing Trump won’t be listening to her.

38. Trump felt the need to mock the heritage of Judge Curiel and question his integrity. Despite the fact that Judge Gonzalo Curiel has given Mr. Trump more leeway than many would in his insults and public discussion of the Trump University case, Donald felt the need to smear Curiel as racially biased and having a potential conflict of interest. Apparently, since Curiel’s family has Mexican ancestry he’s supposed to be more opposed to the idea of “The Wall” that Mr. Trump wants to build. But Judge Curiel was born in America, in the state where Trump’s running mate hails from.

39. Donald Trump promoted the rumor that Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the assassination of JFK. During the Primary season, Donald Trump mentioned that he’d seen a picture of Rafael Cruz with Lee Harvey Oswald in Cuba. He claimed that its inclusion in the National Enquirer was proof that there must be something to his speculation. I don’t like defending members of the Cruz family, but this claim is much more batshit crazy than any claim that any Presidential candidate should make. We don’t quote the National Enquirer as a legitimate news source, k? 

40. Trump admires Vladimir Putin. I guess his subscription to the National Enquirer keeps him so busy that he’s never heard of what a dangerous man Putin is. But I know that a man who is legitimately suspected of killing rivals, has stripped the freedoms of Russians, was involved in acts of mass murder to justify the Chechen War (and frame the Chechen Muslims), and has supported the brutality Al-Assad doles out in Syria is not the kind of person a world leader should admire. If that’s the type of personality he looks up to, then that makes me cringe over what he might want to do here. This is why America can’t have nice things!

41.  Trump wouldn’t disavow David Duke or admit he knew who he was until after he was repeatedly asked to. When told that David Duke was endorsing him, he pretended to not know who that was. Then he claimed he’d already disavowed him based on something he said in 2000 about Duke

42.  Trump was once fined $200,000 by the NJ Casino Control Commisson because black card dealers were removed from the casino floor at the request of a big-spending gambler. No really. It happened. Robert Libutti didn’t want black people and women dealing cards to him. And the casino obliged. Apparently the management there couldn’t refuse to serve racists. Just think of that whenever he tweets about his “successful” businesses. He’s been catering to racist garbage people for decades.

Until next time.  

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2016 Reasons to Oppose Trump — Reasons #1-21

Sometimes in life I feel the urge to rant about things that bother me and, guess what, Trump bothers me. A lot. So I decided since it’s the 2016 election that I would come up with 2016 reasons not to vote for Trump. Of course I realize this may not convince people to not vote for him, but it will allow me to express reasons he should never be the President of the United States. I know 2016 is a lot of reasons to come up with, but I believe I can come up with them. I will try to remember to include links to information backing up reason so that you will see that this isn’t just me making baseless accusations.

There will be 99 posts of 21 reasons each over the next 99 or so days. This will give enough time before the election to get all 2016 reasons out.1

1. Trump is a liar.  As of July 23, 2016, only 29% of statements made by Donald Trump are considered Half True—15%, Mostly True–10%, or True–4% by Politifact. Even during his RNC convention speech, Trump couldn’t avoid lying.2 The Washington Post has accused him of being “pathologically dishonest“; the National Review labeled him the “post-truth candidate“.

2. Trump was accused of raping his first wife, Ivana Trump. During a deposition for their divorce, Ivana described a sexual assault perpetrated by Donald against her in 1989. When the rape was discussed in a 2015 article on The Daily Beast, Michael Cohen, special counsel at The Trump Organization said:

“You’re talking about the frontrunner for the GOP, presidential candidate, as well as a private individual who never raped anybody. And, of course, understand that by the very definition, you can’t rape your spouse…It is true…You cannot rape your spouse. And there’s very clear case law.”3

3. Trump was accused of attempting to rape Jill Harth. In 1997, Harth filed a suit against Trump alleging that he sexually assaulted her in 1993. Harth also accused Trump of repeated, unwanted sexual advances. She claims he groped her under the table at a restaurant and he pushed her up against the wall of his daughter’s bedroom and groped her again. The lawsuit was settled, though Trump denied the allegations.

4. Trump was accused of raping a thirteen-year old girl. The girl, publicly refered to as Katie Johnson, filed a lawsuit accusing Trump and Jeffrey Epstein of having solicited sex from her at sex parties at their homes in Manhattan in 1994. She claims Trump “took her virginity in 1994 when she was only 13 and being held by Epstein as a slave.” She said they threatened her family and her with harm if she didn’t comply. The claims were corroberated by a person referred to as Tiffany Doe.

5. Trump was implicated in the rape and disappearance of a twelve-year old girl. Katie Johnson’s lawsuit alleges that she was forced to participate in sex acts with a girl referred to as Maria Doe for the enjoyment of Donald Trump. Johnson claimed that Trump told her she “shouldn’t ever say anything if I didn’t want to disappear like Maria, a 12-year-old female that was forced to be involved in the third incident with Defendant Trump and that I had not seen since that third incident, and that he was capable of having my whole family killed.” These claims were also corroberated by Tiffany Doe.

6. Donald Trump is a birther. Remember when Trump decided to accuse Obama of not being born in Hawaii, meaning he couldn’t be the American president? Yeah, it was quite the story. And guess what? He still identifies as one, despite evidence that Obama was born in the country.4 Birtherism is blatant xenophobia, which has become Trump’s favorite -phobia. Well, aside from Islamophobia. And homophobia.

 7. In his campaign announcement speech, he accused Mexico of sending rapists and drug dealers. Supporters of Trump like to point out that Trump followed that up with the statement that “some, I assume, are good people“—which doesn’t make it any better. It’s like telling someone that the bowl of strawberries they handed you has rotten berries in it, but that some aren’t actually rotten. It’s a xenophobic, good-luck-guessing-who-is-bad statement. It’s fear-mongering. Trump supporters really ate those rotten berries up. And guess what? It’s pretty much bullshit.

8. Trump used slave labor in Dubai. Slave labor was used to build Trump International Golf Course in Dubai. This was supposed to be the “greatest golf course in the world” according to the more-humble-than-you-know Trump. Workers made less than $200 a month and lived in squalorous conditions.

9. Trump has been accused of sexual harassment and humiliation by former employees. This year, Elizabeth Davidson filed a complaint with the Davenport Civil Rights Commission over remarks made by Trump while she was working for his campaign in Iowa. He has been accused by multiple women of mocking or degrading women working for him, using dismissive and sexist language to refer to them.

10. Trump has stated that he is attracted to his daughter, Ivanka Trump. Multiple times. His first caveat with his incestuous attraction is that he’s married, not that she’s his daughter. He joked about how she’s she could be in Playboy and that he could date her.  He only asserts that he’s her father and couldn’t date her as a side note.

11. Trump sexualized Tiffany as an infant. In an interview, Trump stated he’d like his then one-year olds daughter Tiffany to inherit her mom’s breasts.

12. Trump is hypocritical on Clinton’s vs. Pence’s support of the Iraq War. In last week’s 60 Minutes, Trump defended Pence voting for the Iraq War, while simultaneously bashing Hillary Clinton for her vote. Pence is, according to Trump, entitled to make mistakes. Hypocrisy, Party of Don.

13. Trump is hypocritical over receiving money/favors from Saudi Arabia. In another case of “do as I say, not as I do”, Trump likes to imply that Hillary has received money from Saudi Arabia either personally or for her campaign. In actuality, it’s the Clinton Foundation, which Hillary isn’t even in charge of, that received donations. Trump, on the other hand, has been personally bailed out twice by a Saudi prince.

14. Trump encouraged violence throughout the primaries. Though he would try blaming it on supporters of Bernie Sanders, Trump repeatedly incited violence at campaign events. And he hasn’t stopped encouraging it.

15. Trump University was never a university, it was always a scam. Despite the name, it wasn’t a school. In 2011, the New York Attorney General investigated it for illegal business practices and filed a lawsuit alleging them as a result of what was found during investigations.

16. Trump has had not one bankruptcy…

17. Not two bankruptcies…

18. Not three bankruptcies…,

19. But FOUR. Four bankruptcies have been filed as a result of his business dealings.

20. Trump mocked a disabled journalist. In November 2015, Trump went on stage & mocked Serge Kovaleski’s hand movements; Kovaleski has a congenital joint disorder.

21. Donald Trump thinks he owns black people. He’s repeatedly talked about black people belonging to him.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-SA

  1. Yes, I did the math so that it would work out evenly—or, more appropriately, oddly. 

  2. Oddly enough, his first lie that night was about there being a lack of lies at the 2016 convention. 

  3. New York’s law allowing marital rape was struck down in 1984—five years before the rape took place. 

  4. Even if he wasn’t, he’s considered a natural born American because his mom is from Kansas. 

Remembering Jay

If you are feeling extra generous tonight or if you just want a tax credit, send donations to Freeman Recovery Center in Dickson, Tennessee or another rehab/treatment center in memory of Jay Barton. He was good people and a donation is a good way to honor him, his family and his friends. 

Loose Pictures from a Shoebox at Nana’s

As we were working at Nana’s today, I came across a couple of shoe boxes that were full of old pictures. I don’t know who all of the people are or how long it will take for me to add all of the pictures.

Most of Granddaddy’s pictures that he took in Hawaii when he served in World War II are in this album. There are also pictures from my childhood, my mom’s childhood, and Nana’s childhood.

This album is very image heavy.

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Recital Program Photos

Pictures of me from dance recital programs.

Our Brown and Gold Album (Baby Pictures)

These pictures start in the late part of 1984 and go into 1985. They will include my first trip to see my dad’s first cousin Teresa, one of the few gingers in the family and one of the first gingers I ever met, in Atlanta, my first Christmas, and my first birthday.

Mostly pictures of Baby Me