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I was up late last night, so I almost didn’t get to call Dottie this morning. She ended up calling me right as I hung up from leaving her a message. She claimed that she had no idea who I was because she couldn’t understand my name. Uh-huh. I may speak softly, but my enunciation, especially of my name, doesn’t suck that much. And I know that I was crisp and precise about who I was & what I needed because I’m used to her excuses.

Anyway, she said she’d fax them & they’d call me. That was right before lunch/noon. The physical therapy receptionist called me back after 2. My nosy mom had called them, right after Dottie called me, to let them know that Dottie had been stringing me along. She asked that they please not do the same. Whether it was her calling or the person there just being a person who actually does her job, I don’t know exactly. I do know that five minutes later I had an evaluation.

To recap: It took ten days (seven if you take off the weekend) to get Dottie to send the fax. Within three hours of her latest promise to send it, the physical therapy department for the biggest hospital in the region was able to call me. Five minutes later, I had an appointment. Huntsville Hospital is obviously more efficient than Dottie.

Now, I need to make some other appointments soon, specifically to my optometrist (need new glasses) & gynecologist (have to get a new one to clear the cobwebs out since I haven’t seen one in about four years). I also need to set up some sort of payment plan with my neurologist. Fun stuff, right?

As for actual fun, I have a date scheduled for Saturday night. And now you may commence with the dying of total shock. Try not to die too loudly. It might disturb your kids or neighbors.

So, yeah, that’s my todo list.

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WHNT News 19 – Timeline Photos | Facebook:

I was going to post captures from this post, but there is just so much hate and ignorance going on that it’d be better for you to see this way. You know the phrase lynch mob? Well, that’s what they’ve turned into. They are actually volunteering rope and bullets to execute the death row inmates in the state.

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Are You Trying to Be Little Bunny Foo Foo?

I called Dottie again today. Twice.

The first time I called was at around 3:40 or 3:45. I had woken up late, while the office was closed for lunch, and had to go grocery shopping before they got back. Thanks to the wonderful renovation job that’s being done at our grocery store, it took around 90 minutes to get through the place.1 I had a feeling when I called that first time that she would have some kind of excuse or something. I didn’t expect to talk to her voice-mail. I was tired from shopping and had spilled some food on myself while putting the groceries up, so I was a bit bitchy. My message went along the lines of:2

Hi, Dottie. This is Janet. I was in Monday of last week3 for a referral to physical therapy. You told me that you would get it done and call me with the information. You didn’t call. I called back yesterday to find out the status. You told me you would call. You didn’t call. It’s been over a week, Dottie. I’ll call you back at 4:30 to find out if it’s done yet. It shouldn’t take this long. This is getting ridiculous.

Well, as you probably figured out by the fact that I had to call her twice, she didn’t respond to my first voice-mail. I stepped it up a little4:

Dottie, this is Janet again. I’m still waiting on that referral. When you call back, I not only want the referral, I want the name and number of your supervisor. Thank you.

She didn’t return that call before the end of the workday, so I’m assuming it won’t be returned at all. Tomorrow I’m calling again. This is going to get done. It shouldn’t take a week and a half to do something that takes so little time. What is this woman doing with her time at work? It’s obvious that she isn’t actually working.

Once upon a time I might not have fought her on this, but I am sick of being the girl that everyone walks all over. I almost never stand up for myself offline, but I need to change that. And I’m starting with this situation.

  1. We had to backtrack through the store a few times. 

  2. Not verbatim, as verbatim would include certain personal details that I don’t feel comfortable sharing on here. 

  3. July 21st 

  4. in a civil way 

My yoga/pilates mat finally came.

After some research, I found out that Pilates is actually good for people with Ehlers-Danlos/Hypermobility. I tried to do it without the mat, but the floor is quite uncomfortable, even with blankets and towels. Thanks to some tendinitis I had as a kid,1 it is especially uncomfortable because when the knots under my knees touch any hard surface, they bruise like crazy.

Is it any surprise that it’s purple? I knew I would either get a purple or a pink one.

  1. because of the EDS 

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