Local news showed a story about the Madison County GOP’s pre-Presidential election meeting. At the very end of it, one of the speakers can be heard saying that he wants to “whip” Hillary Clinton. It may have been an innocent comment, but it’s still odd to say you want to physically accost the opposing candidate. That’s especially true when the candidate is a woman and in a culture that one beat women into submission–and not for kinky fun times.

Madison County GOP wants to whip Hillary Clinton

Yesterday afternoon, I made these videos as part of that #YesAllWomen video project that I mentioned yesterday. Madison mentioned on her Instagram account that the deadline is Friday, May 30. If you’re interested in contributing, then you’ll need to do so by then. It was actually a much larger video that I had to cut down in order to upload it. (The original file was over 33 minutes long and 2.6 GB of memory.) I was surprised at how long it ended up being. This may be the most I’ve actually talked all year. I would encourage others to share their stories. If you don’t feel safe doing it in a video or in a tweet, then you could do something as “little” as writing in a personal journal or something. Acknowledging it is a major step. And, if you ever feel that you’re ready, getting out to someone is a big thing. And remember that no person’s story is more or less important than any other person’s story. Anyone who judges you for what you’ve experienced is not someone whose opinion you should concern yourself with or obsess over.

My #YesAllWomen Videos

[youtube] This was one of the first things I ever remember seeing on Joseph Kony, not the 2012 thing.  This is a music video from 2007 by Fall Out Boy.   Five years ago.  It was known enough five years ago to make a music video. Somehow people didn’t remember it or didn’t pay attention.  People had “no idea” that child soldiers existed or they simply didn’t care.  I guess life is easier when you don’t have to think about the crap that is going on in other parts of the world.  It is easier to forget.  Remembering and knowing is hard. People know now. And now people are thinking that he’s the worst person in the world.  He probably isn’t. He isn’t the only one who has participated in the use of child soldiers or putting children into the sex trade. Germain Katanga in the DRC did it, too.  So did Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui, and Bosco Ntaganda. Robert Mugabe, second (and current) President of Zimbabwe, has a youth militia. Chechen separatist groups kidnap kids and have them use suicide bombs to spread their message and campaign of terror.   There are plenty of really crappy people worldwide who have done horrific things to other human beings, but there are no viral campaigns to spread their deeds.  To me it seems wrong to focus solely on learning about this one guy.  Why not learn about all of the atrocities? If you want to advocate for human rights, then advocate for more than just the ones that are popular to advocate for.  Don’t focus solely on the one guy.  Learn about more of them.  Learn, then educate the world.  Advocate for victims of child conscription, rape, sex trafficking, slavery, genocide, etc.  Don’t just advocate for a documentary you found on the internet or for the group that is sponsoring it.   (Source: Dog playing piano and singing (by lonnie9991) Cute.  The bassets (including Alice) in my family don’t play our piano, but they do sing along to certain songs and commercials.  Even Gretchen gets into some songs (i.e. Pocketful of Sunshine), so seeing a musical hound isn’t really surprising. (Source:

[youtube] We had no idea that the newest, most effective, way to deal with a bad breakup had gone interspecial. Forget the six Grammys and inspiring performance, this is something Adele should truly be proud of. According to the video, Rocco is usually a “very happy dog,” but on this particular day he seemed depressed. To help him get in touch with his emotions, his owner turned on Adele’s weep-inducing ballad “Someone Like You,” while the pup stared at himself in a mirror. And, while his musically-timed howls are endearing and make us want to give him a hug, they still beg the question: Why so glum, Rocco? It seems like bulldogs everywhere are getting in touch with their softer sides. Last week, Baby, a French bulldog, adopted six wild boar piglets after they were rescued and brought to the Lehnitz animal sanctuary outside Berlin. Sanctuary worker Norbert Damm told the Guardian that Baby ran over and snuggled the shivery piglets to keep them warm even though they were almost as big as her. Rocco seems to have a loving home despite his momentary depression, but if you’d like to help other sad dogs in need, visit (by Laura Hubbard via The Huffington Post) (Source:

[youtube] effigyofafannerd: I Look to You (2009) I had pre-ordered her comeback album the second that I noticed it was listed on iTunes.  I got on the moment it was available to download and started downloading it.  I was able to stay awake the whole time it was downloading, but after listening to just a couple of songs, I fell asleep.  This album was one of the first of hers that I had downloaded.  I ended up also downloading Whitney (1987), Whitney Houston (1985), I’m Your Baby Tonight (1990), and her greatest hits album.  With the exception of the greatest hits album, I already had purchased or been given each of the other albums.  Whitney is the only one I have on vinyl.  Whitney Houston and I’m Your Baby Tonight are on tape.  My Love is Your Love and The Preacher’s Wife are the only CDs of hers that I have.  She is the only artist that I have in vinyl, cassette tape, CD, and MP3/AAC form.   I’ve been looking at some of the posts that are judging Whitney fans by saying that people didn’t care about her before she died.  While that statement might be true for some of the people who are commenting on her death, it isn’t true for others.  I have quite a few friends who are big Whitney fans.  I’m a huge fan of hers.   And as stupid as people might think it is, I still feel like I’m in a bit of shock over her death.  (The same thing happened when MJ died.)  I know that I’m sad, but I just can’t allow myself to start crying over her death because I know that if I started crying, I might not stop for days. (Source:

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