Most of these pictures are from Nana and Granddaddy’s 40th Anniversary Party, which took place in January 1991.1 There are a few images from other days2 in this album, so I’ve included them as well. If I remembered what they were for, I put it in their caption. I turned 7 that February. ↩Including ones from before I was alive. ↩

Nana’s Red Photo Album (40th Anniversary & Miscellaneous)

Guess who’s back. Back again… Oh. My. God. I hope this means the douchenugget will finally leave me alone. Five days & I thought I was in the clear. In case you don’t remember, this is the lovely human being that declared me post abortive of my immaculately conceived offspring. The one who I had not spoken to since the last set of rude tweets came five days ago. The same person that kept trying to shame my friend for having had an abortion, but wouldn’t cop to being abusive. Yeah. I’m the unstable and abusive one. Please let the dude just get the fuck away from me. UPDATE: The following is where this person came up with the idea that I have a morbid fascination with serial killers: My name is Janet. I was born in 1984 on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. I’ve had this site since 2001. I love to watch/read anything to do with vampires. I’m interested in learning about mythology, serial killers, and various other things that don’t generally interest people my age. I tend to discuss my problems in this blog, so if you don’t want to read my whining about my health, then you might want to go now. That’s my bio on I barely mentioned my interest. I suppose he’d call me a Nazi if he knew I also watch documentaries on WWII & the oppressive actions taken by governments at the time. I didn’t realize liking to learn things made me a threat to society. It’s good to know, though. If anyone reading this has kids: don’t let them learn things. That leads to mental instability, lesbianism, and witchcraft. No. Wait. That’s reading. But learning & reading go together, so who knows? via Tumblr

Guess who’s back. Back again.

Why aren’t MRAs demanding that the 30K raised by @AVoiceforMen be invested in a men’s shelter? #NoMRA  via Tumblr, posts 1 & 2 Auragasmic had a good question about the extra money raised for the security costs for the International Conference on Men’s Issues: Why doesn’t A Voice for Men actually donate the excess money to men’s causes and charities? They’re saying now that they can’t because people didn’t donate it for them to use in that way. They already had it earmarked for extra security or for next year’s conference. To me, it seems like they could have planned to donate it ahead of time, instead of earmarking it for a future conference that they may or may not have. This is their first conference and, even if it is successful, they have no real guarantee that they will be able to host or plan a conference next year. What happens to the money if that’s the case?

Donating the Extra Security Money to Men’s Charities #NoMRA

On the first 2 pages of Most Popular Kill All Men posts, there were: 3 posts by people identifying as being feminists or misandrists. 10 posts by people identifying as non-feminists  The posts by feminists received 4818 notes The posts by non-feminists received 16107 notes The most recent posts part of the search feature mainly showed people complaining about the tag, which means they’re still using the tag.Every time that the tag gets used, you increase the likelihood that it will stay a popular tag on the website. My advice to people complaining about the tag or who find it abhorrent or who want it to drop in popularity, don’t use the fucking tag. Don’t refer to it by that name. It’s really simple, guys. You can complain about it, but tagging ends up increasing its popularity. via Tumblr

Tumblr’s Kill All Men Tag – Part 2