My Complaint to Walmart
In July, I was having serious issues with Synchrony Bank, which is the company that administers the Walmart store card. As I mentioned in my complaint to Walmart, I had set up payments before the due date to make sure that I didn’t miss any payments. Synchrony is a little odd compared to other credit card companies that I have dealt with in that it, as I found out later, takes 1-2 months for automatic payments to be set-up,1 so they expect that the first two months will be paid manually.2 If I’d realized this, I would have done that. When I made manual payments, after complaining that I didn’t know about this 1-2 month thing, they didn’t tell me at first that the payments weren’t being applied because of some issue with the information I gave them.3 I had to find this out through their rebuttal to the Better Business Bureau. And they said in their rebuttal that they actually don’t inform the customer of this until they get their next statement. The funny thing about that is that after learning of the payments not going through, I sent one that did get processed. Before their statement would get to me, I had already fixed the problem. But, by the next time their statement would be available, they had closed my account. I had an account with them for about three months. The first month was a free month. The second had a payment issue, but we fixed it, and I offered to make up this payment to them. The third the payment was paid on time, but the account got closed. So that’s why I finally sent Walmart this complaint:4 In July, I made a complaint to the BBB because of an issue with Synchrony Bank’s billing practices on the Walmart Card. I had set up automatic payments weeks before the due date, but the payment did not get processed. I was then charged a late fee. I had tried to sort it out through the messaging system on the card’s website, but was confused and off-put by the messages I was receiving from their customer service people. I also attempted 2 manual payments. I found out in late July, through the BBB complaint, that there had been some issue with my bank account information that I had provided for the manual payments, something I thought was ridiculous because the account information came directly from my bank statement, so I reentered the information and it time it worked. When I mentioned that I hadn’t been told about the account info issues, Synchrony Bank’s employee said that that was because they don’t inform consumers of this issue until their next statement. I thought that once the payment had gone through that everything had worked out, but received a letter that stated my account was being closed because I’d had too many “dishonored” payments. To me, it seems very odd that an account would be canceled over an issue that was the cause of a BBB complaint. It also seems odd that it would be closed over a week after a successful payment went through, one that proved that I wasn’t trying to skip paying my bill. I submitted a photograph of the letter that Synchrony sent over the account being closed to the BBB. It would be nice if my account wasn’t closed, but I won’t lose sleep over it if it never reopens. I probably won’t be able to shop from Walmart’s website anymore, though. I could call a phone number Synchrony has for account closures, but I probably won’t because phone calls are still too hard with my anxiety issues.5 As I mentioned in my complaint to Walmart, I sent a photograph of the letter to the Better Business Bureau. I also mentioned that I felt that it was a “punishment” over the issues mentioned within the complaint. I guess I’ll just be a Target girl from now on. Like I said, no other company has ever taken that long. ↩This isn’t covered in the credit agreement. ↩This was odd since the information literally came right from my bank statement. ↩This was a complaint that their Twitter account suggested I make last month. I really should have done it then, but I didn’t anticipate the account closure. ↩This is especially true for calls that involve financial issues. ↩

My Complaint to Walmart

I won’t lie and say that I wasn’t nervous about taking the Keflex the Infectious Disease specialist prescribed. I was. I think everyone was, including the doctor. It’s only natural when you have multiple drug allergies1 to be cautious with this sort of thing.  I started joking about how I was noticing red splotches pop up within a few hours every time I took it. I was, but gingers and anxiety patients can sometimes end up with rashes and hives for little or no reason. So I just kept an eye on them and tried not to worry.  Until last night.  Last night, about 60-120 minutes after taking the Keflex, I noticed my throat was itching and that I could actually feel my uvula. I thought that I was probably just being nutso. Even when I realized breathing was starting to get especially hard–and I’d used my rescue inhaler. Even when I noticed that my lips were slightly puffy last night. Even when all of those things lessened after using Benadryl.  You know how people have suggested in the past that I might be a hypochondriac or have another sort of factitious disorder? I always understood that sort of thinking because I tend to think my problems are no big deal–if it’s “physical”, I think it’s in my head; if it’s “mental”, I think I’m just being ridiculous.2  Anyway, I figured that maybe I really was nuts and that I should just ignore it.  This morning I took the Keflex again. About the same length of time passed before I noticed the same symptoms popping up. This time I casually mentioned it to my mom.3 She didn’t take long to call the ID to find out what we should do. The doctor’s office called back. I was to immediately discontinue the Keflex. If the swelling got worse, I was to report to the ER. She was going to figure out what to do next. She apparently didn’t figure it out today.  So, yay. I have now flummoxed an infectious disease specialist. I am a statistical anomaly in the medical profession.45 It’s so fun being a freak for the medical community. I just love being the person whose charts allow them to learn all about weird shit. I love how it leads to unnecessary tests and stress. It’s just so fun.6 Now I wait for an absolution that will never come.7  including two related to Keflex ↩Discounting one’s own suffering & health issues can actually be a sign of things like PTSD. ↩Imagine casually mentioning to another person that you were showing signs of anaphylaxis. ↩Even when allergic to other cephalosporins or penicillins, at least 90% of people can still take Keflex. Those who can’t aren’t usually allergic to most other antibiotics. ↩The rapid strep test & culture from last week coming back positive and negative is another example of my anomaly-ness. Of all the people who have inconsistent rapid test/throat culture results, only three in one study had results like mine. And there is no known reason why that sort of thing happened. ↩If you can’t detect the sarcasm, I’m sorry. ↩It’s a Titanic reference, dude. ↩

Anaphylaxis and You

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I’ve felt like crap lately. Actually, crap is putting it mildly.  Right before my thirty first birthday (last month), my mom got a virus. And we thought that I did, too. Her fever was over within a week. Mine is still here. Actually, it’s gotten higher. Her symptoms were coughing, sneezing, congestion, and vomiting. Mine were fatigue, coughing, and congestion–the congestion went away, coughing got a little less severe, and the fatigue is still being a pain in the ass. I also had a stye or two pop up, which oddly fits with the next part, because styes are my body’s portent for this condition.  On the twelfth of this month, I noticed I now had a sore throat. So, on Friday the thirteenth, after a month of feeling like shit and having a temperature around two degrees higher than it usually is, I went to the doctor.  I had strep.  The doctor had to search for a suitable drug for someone who can’t take Ceclor, Septra, Zithromax, Penicillin, Levaquin, Cipro, and Biaxin. He almost went with Doxycycline, but it’s more of a staph treatment. For strep, it does a less than stellar job. He chose Clindamycin, which I’d encountered before as part of an acne treatment I went through years ago.  I took the pills every time I was supposed to and kept assuming that I’d start feeling better soon. Soon hasn’t come yet. Actually my fever is getting worse, as are the symptoms. Now I have ear pain, headaches, muscle weakness and pain, worsened tachycardia, more shortness of breath, and insomnia. The insomnia is from the fever–I can’t sleep properly with a fever. Everything else? Who knows? I do know that I have the wait until Monday morning to see the doctor again. And I know that if the Clindamycin must be changed, then my medication choices will be limited. I also know that might mean I have to be hospitalized so I can be desensitized to penicillin so it can be used to kick this infection’s ass. And that scares me. Actually, I’m scared by other things this time.  I’m trying to remember that my body has always had trouble kicking out bacterial infections. When I’d have strep in elementary school, it would take multiple rounds to rid me of it. I’m probably just repeating that now. Hopefully that’s what is going on.  I just am really ready for the strep to go away.

To the Edge of Nowhere 

Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky My rating: 2 of 5 stars I hadn’t really heard much about this book before I read it, so I definitely didn’t have any preconceived notions about what it would be like. I didn’t even read the reviews by others on here to see how they felt about the book, so there was no bias. And, when I started the book, the first fifty or so pages seemed okay-ish. It was certainly better than two stars at page 50 than it was at the end. For a work of realistic fiction, it was very unreal. The characters didn’t act or talk like teenagers. Even awkward teenagers don’t act like this. Some of the scenes almost came off as clinical and robotic in nature. Actually, a lot of them don’t seem like they would fit in any story for children, teens, or adults. They’re just very boring and weird. For a romance, it had a lack of romance. Wes and Dom love each other, but there’s no rhyme or reason to why. I know that you could argue that that’s true for all romances and for love in general, but this book is especially bad at telling the story of why this guy is even her boyfriend or her first love. It has a very sex-negative vibe. Amy is almost always degraded for being open to different types of sexual activities. The relationship between Dom and Wes portrays sex as being something that is always painful and awkward for girls, where guys will have orgasms and girls will always have to fake it. I know a lot of women do have that sort of experience, but we don’t really need to teach young women that it has to be like this. Sex is something where if you expect it to be painful and bloody and awkward, then you are more likely to have a painful experience. I’m not saying that the book needs to be smutty or anything like that, but give girls some hope that they aren’t going to be injured in sex acts. It’s also really disturbing that any time that Dom is looking forward to or thinking about sex that something bad happens to her or to Wes. That is another sex-negative vibe to have. As for other things that really bugged me: Playing up the trope of a redheaded female character as sex-obsessed was really annoying. That may seem like a little thing, but since it’s an actual recognized trope for works of fiction (and, worse, a stereotype of redheads in the real world), it really isn’t all that little. There was also a bit of fat-shaming. You have a character (Dom) starting her first year of college, so there’s the mentioning of the freshman fifteen, which might be okay. What isn’t okay is that her mother starts telling her that she should order certain foods so that she can me more like her old self. When the character asks if it’s about her weight going up, she finds out that it is. When she turns to her father for support he says (and does) the following: He emerges from behind his menu. “I agree with your mom. Guys can be a little overweight,” he says, pinching his gut with his hand, “but girls can’t.” This is for her gaining enough weight so that her clothes just snug on her. In other words, she might have gone up one size and her parents are giving her a hard time. She’s also just been injured when she was exercising. When it continues and she goes to leave the table her father does the following: “Dom, you’re blowing this way out of proportion,” Dad reprimands. “We’re staying put, and let’s have a nice dinner, for Christ’s sake.” She’s basically been told that she isn’t allowed to be offended by their comments. That’s just wrong. If parents act like this, it is totally fine to get upset with them. This behavior is reprehensible. That she’s eventually treated like she overreacted after their comments have (naturally) hurt her feelings is so disgusting. And she ends up feeling both ashamed of her body and of her feelings being hurt. That’s not okay. And the way it is portrayed is not okay either. And there’s the somewhat minor character Calvin. He might become a friend or a future boyfriend for her. Who knows? But the way that he acted when they first met was a little on the creepy side. This is another thing that probably would be best left out of books meant for the young adult age group. This might teach young people to allow this sort of behavior in their interpersonal relationships, which is a bit twisted and potentially dangerous. It isn’t all bad, but the good parts of the book just aren’t enough to overcome the bad parts. The plot is really flat. The development of characters is flat. There are some insightful paragraphs, but they are truly few and far between. And there’s a quirkiness to certain parts that I enjoyed, but by the end of the book, they had disappeared. The humor, the fun, and everything good about the book was gone before the book ended. That’s not good, so this book is getting two stars because it was not executed very well. View all my reviews

Review: Anatomy of a Boyfriend

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annadelanklo: janersm: annadelanklo: janersm:   When did Putin get a Tumblr account? You know…))) You just made me the best compliment you can ever imagine. Thank you so much! Uh-huh. You realize that psychologists have said his actions resemble those of Hitler & Hussein, right? Being like him or just being an apologist for him is not a compliment. So some psychologists said and you in a blink of an eye belived it? Let’s say I will sue you for that. Tell me how do you think – would you win baising you defence on some psychologists opinion? Nope. Let’s see… Putin had killed people because he thinks russians are suprerior race? Nope. He gives now shelter to refugies… Putin started a World War? Nope. He stoped USA and EU when THEY wanted to start a war in Syria. Putin is histerical, gives speaches in front of lots of people, saying that Russians are powerfull than ever, and USA or EU are regional states? Nope. Obama? Yes! Did ukranian politics justify the slaughter in Odessa? Where people were BURN ALIVE like nazis did! YES! Are there nazis in ukrain governement? YES! Are there forces payed by oligars who salut each other by “Heil Hitler” like nazis did? Yes. So who is looking like Hitler and Co right now? I asked questions and demanded facts. About “russian troops invaiding Urkaine” (OSCE and americain serviced said that they dont’ have any real facts), about “Russia took down Boeing” (Russia published all date, Ukraine is hiding), about why ukranian forced run to Russia in hope for saving their lives if Russia is a “bad guy”. I didn’t recived a single answer. Only dumb posts hopelessly trying to insult me, My President and MY COUNTRY. That means russian people in general. You know how it called when you do something like that? R-A-C-I-S-M So are you a racist? Okay. You’re going to be a fun one, aren’t you? Can I start by saying that your arguments make no sense? There’s no logic in them. I’m not even going to go for the petty remarks I could make about spelling because the arguments you’ve made towards me and others are so lacking that being petty isn’t even necessary. (Oops. That was petty of me, right? I would say I’m sorry, but I’m not. Now, let’s address the various things you’ve have said to me and to others. I’ll do my post first because it’s the first I can get to. I understand that you think I have been somehow brainwashed by the psychologists and media to believe anything bad about Putin that exists. I can assure you that this isn’t true. The comment that I brought up by psychologists compared his expansionist style of what you might think of as “governing”. The College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University’s Unit for the Study of Personality in Politics had the following to say about Mr. Putin: Putin is a highly dominant, narcissistic leader with secondary features of high conscientiousness and substantial introversion. The article featuring that quote also said that his type of leadership could be labeled as “ambitious hostile enforcers”. According to that article and political psychologist Margaret Hermann, Expansionists, like Adolf Hitler or Saddam Hussein, see the world as being “divided into ‘us’ and ‘them,’” based on a belief system in which conflict is viewed as inherent in the international system. This worldview prompts a personal political style characterized by a “wariness of others’ motives” and a directive, controlling interpersonal orientation, resulting in a foreign policy “focused on issues pf security and status,” favoring “low-commitment actions” and espousing “short-term, immediate change in the international arena. Expansionist leaders, according to Hermann, “are not averse to using the ‘enemy’ as a scapegoat,” and their rhetoric often may be “hostile in tone.” Other common characteristics of expansionists include a high degree of power motivation, strong nationalism, an unwavering belief in one’s ability to control events, supreme self-confidence, distrust of others, and a very goal-directed level of task orientation — all of which are evident to varying degrees in Putin’s personality profile. … Putin believes the world is divided between his Russia and the West, often using “the West” or “democracy” as a scapegoat for his problems. Rising through the KGB and Russia’s political elite, he entwined himself with the history of Russia. Typical of narcissistic leaders with exalted self-concept and dreams of glory, he views his destiny and that of the Russian state as one and the same. Putin is Russia; Russia is Putin. Although Putin shows no discernible signs of contemplating genocide or waging conventional war — sensation-seeking adventurousness ranks relatively low in his overall personality profile — he displays a desire for control and deeply entrenched feelings of resentment toward the West. His world is a zero-sum game in which any gains by the West or by domestic opponents are considered moral threats to his power. That’s pretty much the whole article that I was referencing. Do you see how your comments to me might be slightly out of line with what I suggested? I understand that you might think that an American like me would be afraid of a lawsuit from you because we love lawsuits here, but I’m not. You wanna know why? Well, there is this thing called jurisdiction. As the offensive statement originated in Alabama and not Russia, you would be looking at the civil laws of Alabama and the US. What I said can’t be construed as defamatory in any way according to the law. Basically, if you filed a lawsuit, a judge would laugh you out of court. Now, if you filed it in Russia, I could ask for the US Embassy there to appoint me counsel in absentia or I could appeal to have it moved to an international court. As my comment had to do with the free press that we have in America, you would probably still lose. Basically, empty threats are empty threats. On the other hand, I have a […]

In Other Words: Fuck Off You Putin Loving Weirdo

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One of my mom’s home health nurses came by today. I was asleep while she was here.1 Anyway, she asked my mom why I wasn’t at school. I had to keep from laughing or screaming or doing anything that would require me to move and embarrass both of us. My mom told her no. The nurse asked if I was starting back soon, and mom told her that I don’t go to school anymore. The nurse was surprised. She thought I was in high school. Mom told her that I’m 30. She was shocked. Now, I know that I look younger than my age. I’m aware of this. I know that when I was 21, I was told that I looked 13. I know that I couldn’t buy Cruel Intentions on DVD because a Walmart cashier didn’t think I was in my 20s and wouldn’t take my word for it.2 I encounter people who think that if my dad is with me that he’s either my dad or a guy who is into teenagers or barely legal girls. It should be flattering, but it can also be really tiring. It’s also one of those things that makes me more self-conscious. I never know who is going to say something about it. I never know if I’ll be offended by their assumption or how embarrassed one or both of us will be. I just always know that it’s possible, and that’s really frustrating. I almost wish I had a tattoo that said, “No, I’m not a little kid or a teenager. As far as know, my father, aka the man standing next to me, isn’t into people under the age of consent. Yes, I was really born in 1984. No, I’m not a time traveler.” Of course, in order to get a tattoo, I would have to prove that I’m over 18.3 And they would probably think my ID was fake. Maybe I should just wish I had a t-shirt with that on it. Or multiple t-shirts, since it happens so often. And I wonder sometimes if it factors into my trying to date. I look younger than I am, I don’t drive, I don’t drink, I’ve never smoked or done drugs, I have a high-pitched voice that’s also very soft, I’m into cutesy stuff, and I’ve never had sex. I could see how these things might make me seem like I’m younger than 30. But I am 30. I’m not a teenager. I’m not a person in their early twenties. I’m a thirty year old woman. Admittedly, I’m a 30 year old woman who regularly wears her hair in pigtails4 and who is typing this entry while wearing a Looney Tunes shirt, while sitting next to a Hello Kitty bag. I’m 30. I promise I’m 30. I swear I’m 30. Please don’t accuse me of lying about my age. Who would lie about being thirty, except for maybe people who are over 30? Anyway, I guess this is just one of those weird, pointless rants that I occasionally have to make. Not really. Amy’s barking woke me up. ↩I didn’t have my ID that day. My dad ended up buying it for me. ↩Or 19, since this is Alabama. ↩I might as well take advantage of the appearance thing. ↩

13 Going On 30 aka What’s My Age Again?

For some reason, some doctors feel the need to tell me that I’m a redhead. It sort of bugs me when they do. It’s one thing when some random stranger reacts like I’m some kind of unicorn1 and says it. I get that my hair makes me rare.2 When it’s doctors? Not so okay. Sometimes when they bring it up, I want to ask them where they got their degree from because they may deserve a refund.3 I’m okay with a doctor bringing it up when letting me know that because I’m a redhead that I might be prone to certain issues. Or, on the flip side, that I don’t have to worry about certain things. If it is something pertaining to treating me, then great. Bringing it up for no real reason and acting like I don’t know my hair color? Nope. Not okay. I know that I can act ditzy, but I would really like to believe that even doctors would realize I’m not so out of it that I failed to pick up on my hair color at some point since I was born. I’ve sat through appointments with my mom, who has dark blonde/light brown hair, and I’ve never seen a doctor mention her hair color randomly. My dad doesn’t have doctors who bring up his dark brown hair. I never heard doctors for my grandparents bring up their hair colors.4 I’m pretty sure that it has to be the red hair that leads to the wackadoodle reaction from the medical community. It’s not truly offensive if they mention that I have it or ask if I realize that I have it, but it is just annoying and a little, I don’t know, weird. And I don’t know if they realize just how weird it can be. Probably not. If they actually thought about it, then they probably wouldn’t do it. They probably think that I poop glitter, too. ↩Teehee. That rhymed. ↩I don’t because they that might be rude. ↩All were brunettes. ↩

Oh, I am?