On late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, I fell on the kitchen floor. I didn’t hurt my left hip, but I banged up my right knee and both arms & wrists. My left wrist is still swollen and hurts like crazy. I’m probably going to get it checked this next week if it’s still hurting on Monday and if I can get an appointment. I hope it clears up before I have to do that.  Between pain from falling, spotty internet & phone access, my iPod getting crankier and crankier, Facebook’s Messenger app acting antisocial, and other “fun”, this week has been rather unpleasant. Hopefully, the next one will be better. It has to be, right?

I Keep On Falling

You know what’s totally ridiculous, but still happens? When you’re sexting with someone you have had sex with and you’re getting all stressed over sending pictures that show your body’s flaws. The other person has seen you naked and is attracted to you and may have even asked for pictures of you, so it’s not that they’re the ones who have problems with your body: it’s you. via Tumblr

The next time you hear someone ranting about Obamaphone users, point this out to them. When this picture was taken we’d had no power for around an hour. I’d also had little to no cell coverage for the same time. Keep in mind that after the April 27 tornadoes in 2011, I STILL had cell coverage, even though much of North Alabama had NO power at all & they had to have the main lines out of Browns Ferry repaired. The power outage today was JUST South Huntsville. My dad’s phone (a non “Obamaphone”) had coverage, but mine didn’t. This phone’s purpose (according to the FCC) is for a person of limited means to be able to have a Lifeline (aka the service’s actual name) when they need it. But I didn’t. Basically, if an emergency had happened and I couldn’t get to someone else’s phone, I would have been screwed. And, in case I haven’t mentioned it enough, these are not the luxurious phones that some people on the right would like to say they are. You can call and text (old-school style) with them, sometimes. The coverage for the basic services is pretty shoddy. And you can’t text to some numbers or receive texts from some numbers. You cannot take, send, or receive pictures. You cannot surf the internet. And you actually do have to pay for some of the costs associated with the phone, so it isn’t completely free. via Instagram

In Case of Emergency

viewparadise: hcandersen: fyi if you’re a tiny child, there was a time when browsers didn’t have tabs. you just had the one window and had to open a separate window for every other page you wanted open simultaneously. it was real bad Oh God, the Dark Ages. via Tumblr

“But a female dummy didn’t become a mandatory part of frontal crash tests until last year. For all this time, the average American guy stood for us all. That may have had a substantial impact on women’s auto safety. If airbags are designed for the average male, they will strike most men in the upper chest, creating a cushion for their bodies and heads. Yet small women might hit the airbag chin first, snapping their heads back, potentially leading to serious neck and spinal injuries. In some cases, according to tests with female mannequins, small women were almost three times as likely as their average male counterparts to be seriously injured or killed. A study of actual crashes by the University of Virginia’s Center for Applied Biomechanics found that women wearing seatbelts were 47 percent more likely to be seriously injured than males in similar accidents.” – Why Carmakers Always Insisted on Male Crash-Test Dummies — Taming the American Idol (via daily-denial) ugh (via stfufauxminists) I really wish there were a single word that meant “disgusted and speechless but also not at all surprised” (via stfusexists) via Tumblr

On the first 2 pages of Most Popular Kill All Men posts, there were: 3 posts by people identifying as being feminists or misandrists. 10 posts by people identifying as non-feminists  The posts by feminists received 4818 notes The posts by non-feminists received 16107 notes The most recent posts part of the search feature mainly showed people complaining about the tag, which means they’re still using the tag.Every time that the tag gets used, you increase the likelihood that it will stay a popular tag on the website. My advice to people complaining about the tag or who find it abhorrent or who want it to drop in popularity, don’t use the fucking tag. Don’t refer to it by that name. It’s really simple, guys. You can complain about it, but tagging ends up increasing its popularity. via Tumblr

Tumblr’s Kill All Men Tag – Part 2

annie-leonhurt: friendly reminder that the “#kill all men” tag shows up long before the “#kill all nazis” or “#kill all rapists” tags. there are literal nazis and rapists on this site, but you can tell what this site’s priorities are. Did you search the tag? Most of the stuff tagged with that was not posted by misandrists or by feminists. Most of it was posted by anti-feminists and MRAs. There are posts with hundreds, even thousands of notes, that were made by people complaining about the tag, but they’re still using the tag, so…it’s still ranking as a “kill all men” post. If you want to complain about the tag’s high level of use, maybe you should do something like, I dunno, stop using it to tag your shit. via Tumblr

Tumblr’s Kill All Men Tag – Part 1

(More tweets like this can be found here.) Twitter has become such a drama pit lately. I made the mistake of pointing out to a Men’s Rights person that though suicides by men happen 4x’s as often as suicides by women, the attempt rate by women is actually 3x’s higher.1 This led to her telling me that I hate men and am okay with their deaths.2 When I tried to explain that that wasn’t true, she kept going on and on about how I just didn’t care about men dying. Eventually I had to resort to the tactic that I use when I’m afraid and in an uncomfortable situation, I started just basically smiling and nodding and expressing how I understood her perspective and agreed with it.34 Of course, she had posted that I said I was cool with their deaths, so I was inundated with MRAs calling me names and telling me that women were horrible. I even got one who said that scratching at your wrist shouldn’t be considered a real suicide attempt. This guy went on to ridicule borderlines and say that we5 were all whiny women6 and that the solution was to “just zap them silly and scramble their brains like a soup. Or, do an old fashiond lebotomy [sic] on them.” He said that there was not any other method of treating us.7 When he found out, at the end of all of his borderline ranting, that I had been diagnosed with BPD over a decade ago, he called me a crazy asshole.8 I ended up blocking him.9 I had another guy tell me that women who attempted suicide were drama queens; and a few of the people suggested that women who try suicide or who self-harm were somehow deserving of less respect.10 The female attempts = drama queens guy also said I didn’t understand mental illness, as did a few of the other people.11 The cause of suicide that was listed by the MRAs? Divorce and alimony.12 Part of me wondered if they were including the suicides that are part of a murder-suicide in that, because I’ve seen a lot of “they were getting divorced, so he took matters into his own hands” stories about that has happened.13 Another part wondered why it was okay to call people with BPD and other issues that lead to suicidality in women “drama queens” for their attempts, when their disorders can be caused by abusive childhoods, chemical imbalances in their brains, etc., but that no one recognized how killing oneself as a reaction to a divorce might be considered a bit melodramatic. Before anyone launches into a “how dare you suggest their pain isn’t real” type spiel, I get why they do it. I understand why divorce can lead to suicide. I understand that grieving a loss increases a person’s risk of suicide. I just feel a little odd paying respect to one person’s grief while dismissing the fact that anyone who chooses to harm themselves (in any way) has something that is making them feel like their life is no longer worth living. This is not a game of whose pain is more real. This is talking about a decision that some people make because their pain is so real for them that they see no way out. It is not something where people should be thumbing their noses as other sufferers over. A divorced person’s pain is no greater or less than the pain of someone who was beaten as a child or of someone who saw their friends die in combat or whose beloved family member or friend or pet died or whose business burned down. The hatefulness of some of the people compounded with the fact that I actually went to my Seeking Safety group this week was a bit triggering, but I got through it. By Friday, I was muting most of the users who were sending rude tweets, which made things more tolerable. On Saturday, a troll sent some rather fucked up messages because I posted a link to this post from Tumblr. He was saying things like “all mass murderers/serial killers are homosexual btw. look it up. they probably react that way because they are told to repress homosexual feelings.” I pointed out that I happen to like learning about serial killers, so I knew that claim was bullshit and he told me, “you need to do more studying. repressed sexual instincts and emotions can lead to some serious mental health problems. even in women.” Freud would be so proud of him for spewing that, as would Marvin, the physician’s assistant for a psychiatrist14 I never actually saw, that tried to convince me that my hallucinations and self-injury were part of my being a sexually frustrated sixteen/seventeen year old.15 He also ended up being muted. At some point late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, someone else decided to bring up that feminists were responsible for terrorist threats against men’s rights movement. This led to the first MRA person to end up calling all feminists terrorists.16 I pointed out that this was hypocritical because she (and other MRAs) have said that you can’t link Elliot Rodger to their movement because he held beliefs that were inconsistent with their particular brand of Men’s Rights activism. If all MRAs cannot be held responsible for the action of one guy, then all feminists can’t be held responsible for the acts of some feminists. To believe that one bad apple can’t spoil their movement, but that one bad apple can spoil ours is hypocrisy. She called me a liar for that.17 So I told her how I felt.18 I also told her that I was not amused by some of her other behavior with regard to mental health issues.19 Basically, I told her that she has her own personal double standards when it comes to extremism.20 I have muted her for for now, but I’m now trying to decide if I want to block […]

I’m Your Hell, I’m Your Dream