When I went to study for the driver permit exam over a week ago, I realized I was missing something very important: a pair of glasses. Thanks to myopia in both eyes with an astigmatism in one of them, I had a vision restriction the last time I tested for my my permit. I figured that I probably needed to get glasses if I wanted to get a new permit/license or ever use it to drive. I did the typical poor girl with bad eyes thing & ordered discount glasses from Zenni. Their glasses are typically pretty awesome.  This time? Not so much.  I’m not sure what happened. Maybe my prescription has changed? Maybe I typed in the wrong value for something? Maybe they screwed up when manufacturing them? Whatever happened led to a pair of glasses that have a totally screwy left lens. That lens causes my vision to double. Oddly, the right one was perfect.  When I talked to my family about the issue, I told them that it was almost time for an optometrist appointment & I would get a new scrip. A couple of hours later, I got an emai from the optometrist telling me that they’d scheduled an appointment for me on the 27th at 1pm. I had to reschedule it (to this coming Monday) since I already have physical therapy scheduled for that exact date & time. If I were a Canadian singer-songwriter with a poor understanding of irony, I could probably work it all into a song; and four versions of me (sort of Orphan Black-ish)1 could awkwardly act out the music video in a car. Alas, I’m just a weird American.23 Woe is me.  Oddly enough, Tatiana Maslany, of Orphan Black fame, is Canadian. Maybe acting like four different people at a time is a Canadian thing, like socialized medicine, being overly kind & apologetic, loving curling, or gravy on fries—what’s that about? ↩Yay, let’s have more pollution from fossil fuels because America. ↩That was a joke. Obviously an asthmatic with a fear of humanity being destroyed by tragedies of a scientific nature who finds the very idea of fossil fuels to be gross and has a penchant for run-on sentences is not pro-pollution or fossil fuels. Ew. ↩

Myopia Dystopia 

There’s a Doctor Who coloring book that will be released the day before my birthday. I know what you’re probably thinking. You’re probably thinking, “What kind of person would be excited over a Doctor Who coloring book?” But that’s not the question you should be asking. You should by asking, “What kind of person wouldn’t be excited over a Doctor Who coloring book?” If you’re just figuring out that I’m a weird fangirl, then you’re clearly late to the party.

I believe the response to be disingenuous. It is odd that after filing a complaint against Synchrony Bank in this matter that my account was closed. It is especially odd that the returned payments, which I still believe were wrongly returned, that were part of my report against the company are the payments that caused the account to be closed. There are just too many coincidences in this situation for me to believe that Synchrony Bank closed the account for valid reasons. That was my response to the situation involving my Walmart card1 and the BBB. Their latest letter said, “Ms. Morris’s previous complaints were not a factor considered in our credit decision.” Sure. That’s why they used the subject of those complaints to justify closing the account. This whole situation has been very fishy. It doesn’t shock me that of their 426 customer reviews on the BBB website, 395 are negative. Or that so many of those are complaints about cards being cancelled for odd reasons or for having really horrible customer service. Credit card companies suck. I haven’t heard back from Walmart’s customer service about this issue. I don’t really expect to hear from them. If I do hear from them, I won’t really expect them to do anything. ↩

In Case of Bullshit

In July, I was having serious issues with Synchrony Bank, which is the company that administers the Walmart store card. As I mentioned in my complaint to Walmart, I had set up payments before the due date to make sure that I didn’t miss any payments. Synchrony is a little odd compared to other credit card companies that I have dealt with in that it, as I found out later at, takes 1-2 months for automatic payments to be set-up,1 so they expect that the first two months will be paid manually.2 If I’d realized this, I would have done that. When I made manual payments, after complaining that I didn’t know about this 1-2 month thing, they didn’t tell me at first that the payments weren’t being applied because of some issue with the information I gave them.3 I had to find this out through their rebuttal to the Better Business Bureau. And they said in their rebuttal that they actually don’t inform the customer of this until they get their next statement. The funny thing about that is that after learning of the payments not going through, I sent one that did get processed. Before their statement would get to me, I had already fixed the problem. But, by the next time their statement would be available, they had closed my account. I had an account with them for about three months. The first month was a free month. The second had a payment issue, but we fixed it, and I offered to make up this payment to them. The third the payment was paid on time, but the account got closed. So that’s why I finally sent Walmart this complaint:4 In July, I made a complaint to the BBB because of an issue with Synchrony Bank’s billing practices on the Walmart Card. I had set up automatic payments weeks before the due date, but the payment did not get processed. I was then charged a late fee. I had tried to sort it out through the messaging system on the card’s website, but was confused and off-put by the messages I was receiving from their customer service people. I also attempted 2 manual payments. I found out in late July, through the BBB complaint, that there had been some issue with my bank account information that I had provided for the manual payments, something I thought was ridiculous because the account information came directly from my bank statement, so I reentered the information and it time it worked. When I mentioned that I hadn’t been told about the account info issues, Synchrony Bank’s employee said that that was because they don’t inform consumers of this issue until their next statement. I thought that once the payment had gone through that everything had worked out, but received a letter that stated my account was being closed because I’d had too many “dishonored” payments. To me, it seems very odd that an account would be canceled over an issue that was the cause of a BBB complaint. It also seems odd that it would be closed over a week after a successful payment went through, one that proved that I wasn’t trying to skip paying my bill. I submitted a photograph of the letter that Synchrony sent over the account being closed to the BBB. It would be nice if my account wasn’t closed, but I won’t lose sleep over it if it never reopens. I probably won’t be able to shop from Walmart’s website anymore, though. I could call a phone number Synchrony has for account closures, but I probably won’t because phone calls are still too hard with my anxiety issues.5 As I mentioned in my complaint to Walmart, I sent a photograph of the letter to the Better Business Bureau. I also mentioned that I felt that it was a “punishment” over the issues mentioned within the complaint. I guess I’ll just be a Target girl from now on. Like I said, no other company has ever taken that long. ↩This isn’t covered in the credit agreement. ↩This was odd since the information literally came right from my bank statement. ↩This was a complaint that their Twitter account suggested I make last month. I really should have done it then, but I didn’t anticipate the account closure. ↩This is especially true for calls that involve financial issues. ↩

My Complaint to Walmart

Janet Morris, I liked this movie a lot. I ordered a copy of it here. Every other reviewer liked the movie. I think your very critical and nasty review says more about you than about the movie. And so it begins…again. You would think that my review was the single most vicious review in the history of the world. You would think that I encouraged people to sacrifice babies or virgins or something. Or that I declared myself to be a servant of the Antichrist, especially since I was pretty much accused of doing just that at one point. What I did do was give a bad miniseries a one star-rating and gave it this review: Like many other movies and miniseries about this topic, this work is horrifically bad. It was poorly written, acted, and produced. It is almost laughable how awful this thing is. This is worse than some of the bad science fiction movies that I watch for kicks. It sticks to a convoluted interpretation of the Christian apocalypse that opportunists like Kirk Cameron, Jerry B. Jenkins, and Tim LaHaye have used to line their pockets for years, but the overused plot not even the worst aspect of this thing. The shaky camera style is reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project, which fits well with the other poorly executed parts of the miniseries. If you are prone to vertigo, migraines, seizures, or motion sickness, especially if these have been triggered in the past by past movies or television shows, you might want to avoid this for health reasons. If not, just avoid it for quality reasons. It’s not entertaining enough to justify wasting so much time on it. People focus so heavily on the first paragraph that they get a bit wonky and think I’m some evil heathen that wants them to join a God-hating cult.1 They don’t realize that the second paragraph is exclusively about the production value or that I say that it reminds me of a secular horror film that I hated. They don’t realize that I love religious studies, even if I’m not always good with religion itself. They don’t realize that I know the difference between the different apocalypse stories and that this one does actually fall in line with that opportunism. They also don’t realize that I wanted to watch the miniseries and I wanted to like it. But I didn’t. And when I didn’t, I felt it was okay to complain about it. Clearly, I was wrong. The first time I got flack over it was the day after I posted the review. It seemed so coincidental that the person would post a five-star review the day after my review went live, especially since it said: Finally, a Christian based docudrama that did not have any negative political overtones. Do not fall for the “anti-Christian” reviews by others. My review of the History Channel miniseries Revelations: The End of Days was the only one until this one posted. Over a month after I posted my review, I got around a dozen comments from someone using “100% Christian” as their username. All the little things that I’ve said I’ve been accused of came from them. I reported their comments to Amazon and they actually deleted them. The person then commented on a comment I’d made2 on the second review saying, “If you aren’t 100% for Christ — then you’re 100% for satan. There is no middle ground.” Five days later, a different user said, in response to the same comment: “Janet Morris: The criticism against your review is valid, since you posted comments that were not relevant. Your comments about Tim LaHaye, et. al. lining their pockets had nothing to do with the movie and is not helpful in determining whether this is worth buying/watching or not.” I responded:3 Respectfully, I disagree with everything you’re saying, Mr. Ruhf. I suggest that you look at professional reviews of works like Vampire Academy, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Twilight, and Fifty Shades of Grey. They’re compared by professionals to other works. They’re accused of trying to manipulate fan bases of similar works, as are so many other works. It is not uncommon or wrong to point out that trends in genres are used to make money off of fans of those genres, especially when the result is considered of particularly low-quality. Now, as for what IS wrong, it is wrong to take a negative review and turn it into a way to personally attack the reviewer. The criticism that you say is valid involved not only this particular reviewer creating a review for this product for the purpose of calling me anti-Christian, but for the other commenter on this review to (before creating their comment on this review) create eleven comments on my review calling me a cultist and Satanist, and comparing me and my review to ISIS. Your calling sort of behavior valid criticism is really quite appalling. I do appreciate your down-voting of my review and your time spent on telling me the errors of my ways. Then I didn’t hear anything for while. In the mean time there have been 5 other five-star reviews4 and one four-star. The four-star is the most critical of them. But most of the others? Not at all. In fact, most of the others are barely long enough to be considered blurbs. It seems like someone is faking reviews for this miniseries. It’s possible that there were a lot of people who enjoyed it, but the timing is all very strange. In the meantime, I wrote this to respond to “Amazon Customer” about their complaints of my “critical and nasty review”: Then write your own review and leave me alone. People are allowed to dislike movies. People are allowed to be critical and my criticism was valid. And, for the record, I’ve received quite a lot of hate (dozens of comments that Amazon had to delete because they were *that* bad) from fans of […]

All the Interesting People Are Missing

Nana has been receiving bills from Haband. The weird thing is that she’s never ordered anything from them. Ever. And the items aren’t coming to her. In fact, the shipping address that they’ve got is to a property that is owned by Orchard Brands. That property is in Massachusetts, a state she’s never even been to. Strange, right? That’s what my whole family has been saying. And when we’ve tried to clear this up? They say that she’s ordered the stuff. How do you order stuff when you’ve never had a catalog or even heard of the company before? And why would you order it and send it to a place she’s never been? She doesn’t even know anyone who lives in Massachusetts. It really doesn’t make sense, but Haband is being stubborn and saying that the orders are legit. They even want my grandmother to pay them $14.95 a month for their VIP club, which is another thing that they say that she ordered. Obviously, she didn’t, but I guess they want or have to bill her for it. It’s ridiculous and disgusting that they are billing an 81-year old who didn’t know about them before this incident and who definitely didn’t buy anything from them.

What a Rip-off!

I called Dottie again today. Twice. The first time I called was at around 3:40 or 3:45. I had woken up late, while the office was closed for lunch, and had to go grocery shopping before they got back. Thanks to the wonderful renovation job that’s being done at our grocery store, it took around 90 minutes to get through the place.1 I had a feeling when I called that first time that she would have some kind of excuse or something. I didn’t expect to talk to her voice-mail. I was tired from shopping and had spilled some food on myself while putting the groceries up, so I was a bit bitchy. My message went along the lines of:2 Hi, Dottie. This is Janet. I was in Monday of last week3 for a referral to physical therapy. You told me that you would get it done and call me with the information. You didn’t call. I called back yesterday to find out the status. You told me you would call. You didn’t call. It’s been over a week, Dottie. I’ll call you back at 4:30 to find out if it’s done yet. It shouldn’t take this long. This is getting ridiculous. Well, as you probably figured out by the fact that I had to call her twice, she didn’t respond to my first voice-mail. I stepped it up a little4: Dottie, this is Janet again. I’m still waiting on that referral. When you call back, I not only want the referral, I want the name and number of your supervisor. Thank you. She didn’t return that call before the end of the workday, so I’m assuming it won’t be returned at all. Tomorrow I’m calling again. This is going to get done. It shouldn’t take a week and a half to do something that takes so little time. What is this woman doing with her time at work? It’s obvious that she isn’t actually working. Once upon a time I might not have fought her on this, but I am sick of being the girl that everyone walks all over. I almost never stand up for myself offline, but I need to change that. And I’m starting with this situation. We had to backtrack through the store a few times. ↩Not verbatim, as verbatim would include certain personal details that I don’t feel comfortable sharing on here. ↩July 21st ↩in a civil way ↩

Are You Trying to Be Little Bunny Foo Foo?