On Monday afternoon, Nana called. She was in pain & couldn’t get to the bathroom or the kitchen by herself. She’d talked to the other relative.1 That relative gave her the equivalent of a verbal shrug.2 So Nana called mom.  My mom dropped everything & went to spend that night, last night, and tonight with Nana.3 And mom took Nana to the doctor. They’ve done tests to find out if Nana has rhabdomyolysis and we’ll find out either way tomorrow.4 It is painful and causes weakness & fatigue. Rhabdomyolysis is a serious and potentially fatal condition. Keep in mind that it’s the doctor who thinks it’s rhabdomyolysis.  Not to worry, the relative thought that the pain was all just a ruse to get attention.56 I don’t think she’s faking. If she’s got rhabdomyolysis, I know that would increase her pain level and decrease her ability to get around. It would also alter her mental status.7 Nana is at a higher risk of it being rhabdomyolysis because mom has had it.8 If she doesn’t have it, she could still be in pain or in a fatigued/weakened state for physical reasons. She could also simply feel that way because she’s depressed.9 And10 if it’s because of psychological reasons, we should still be paying attention to her.  I hope she gets better soon. She may frustrate me sometimes, but she’s one of the most important people in the world to me11 & I’m not okay with her being so sick. I know she’s not going to be as healthy as she once was, but I want her to be healthy enough to not be miserable or suffering every moment of the day.  You know who you are. ↩There are so many things I could say about this person right now, but I won’t. ↩Because mom doesn’t suck. ↩The National Institute of Health described ‘rhabdomyolysis‘ as: the breakdown of muscle tissue that leads to the release of muscle fiber contents into the blood. These substances are harmful to the kidney and often cause kidney damage. ↩A sample of two people exists. One person suck. The other doesn’t. If we’ve already identified the individual who doesn’t suck, and we have, then what person are we left with? ↩You know what? If Nana was just attention-seeking, then give her attention. She is almost eighty-three-years-old. She’s a widow. She’s had depression and mental health issues for decades. She has had so many friends and family members die over the span of her life. She loves you. You can give up a day or two to spend with her. If she wants me to come over to help her, I’ll do it. You can spend a night there. Or an afternoon. Or maybe just call her & listen. Let her talk. Let her complain. Let her have this. ↩You said you thought she was drugged, it could be that her muscles breaking down are causing her brain to be poisoned. ↩That means you could also be at a higher risk, too. If Nana has it, you need to talk to your doctor about your risk. You may hate me, but I don’t want you to end up with a preventable illness. ↩You know why this time of year is hard on her. ↩like with the part on attention-seeking ↩You were one of them once, too. ↩

When You Try Your Best, But You Don’t Succeed 

if you’re considering abortion or know someone who is, you’d better read this. life is precious! i-want-to-die-being-me: This is terribly painful to read. But it will change your view on life forever. reblog this if you agree! I’m reblogging this, but I definitely do not agree.  If anything, it hardens my opinion that women have the right to decide what happens in their own bodies.  If that is a real case, then that husband is a dick.  Plain and simple, he’s an asshole who is clearly trying to manipulate others. Now, I checked out your blog, and I saw some questions had been asked after you made the post.  You didn’t exactly give a response to them, though. You were asked the following: Why be pro-life? I mean, do you know what hyperemesis gravidarum, pre-eclampsia, and ectopic pregnancies are? Do you know how physically hellish pregnancy can be for a woman? Do you know all of the different ways that pregnancy can cause mental and emotional distress to a woman? Do you know how emotionally scarring it can be to give a child up for adoption? Or do you just not care about any of that, which proves that your views on this issue are incredibly hateful? I bolded the part that you seemed to avoid in this response: I am sorry to offend you. However, I firmly believe that a woman shouldn’t place herself in a position where she can become pregnant unless she is willing to take care of the child or give it up for adoption. I understand that in cases of rape, pregnancy can not be avoided. However, abortion is still murder of a child no matter how you look at it. I’m guessing that since you didn’t realize that those issues are related to maternal health and not the health of the offspring, that you might not realize what they are. Hyperemesis gravidarum is a severe type of morning sickness. Because of the unrelenting nausea and vomiting, the mother is unable to maintain adequate intake of food and fluids. This can cause renal failure, subarachnoid hemorrhage (a “brain bleed”), splenic avulsion (torn/injured spleen), rhabdomyolysis (the muscles break down causing the damaged muscle cells go into the bloodstream, which causes kidney failure), pneumomediastinum (physical trauma that causes air to leak into the chest cavity), Wernicke’s encephalopathy (lack of muscle coordination, confusions, impairment of memory, eye paralysis; without quick treatment, the patient can require permanent inpatient care), malnutrition, jaundice, Mallory-Weiss syndrome (tears in the junction of the stomach and esophagus), hypoglycemia (long-term hypoglycemia kills the kidneys and can cause brain damage), atrophy (wasting away), coagulopathy (causes prolonged/excessive bleeding), and central pontine myelinolysis (caused by severe damage to the nerve cells of the brain stem; only a third of people achieve significant recovery). This was the disease that is believed to have killed Charlotte Bronte. Preeclampsia is a type of hypertension that occurs in pregnancy. The earlier it happens, the more likely it is to be deadly. Cerebral hemorrhage can occur and can kill the mother. Breathing difficulty happens. The retinas can detach. HELLP (hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, lowplatelet count) syndrome can occur, leading to seizures, coma, rupture of the liver capsule, renal failure, pulmonary edema. Ectopic Pregnancies are when the fetus has become attached outside of the uterus. It can cause rupture, which leads to death. As you see, each case can lead to maternal death. The questions weren’t about what health issues the fetus might incur. The person was trying to show you that pregnancy is extremely dangerous and can kill the mother. So, now I have to ask, how do you feel if the woman’s life is endangered by the pregnancy?