only1miouo replied to your post: You’re from Arizona, right? How is it being so liberal living in a red state? Is it hard? Because I live in NY (born & raised in Queens) and I always how your fellow Arizonians (sp?) responded to your liberal opinions. I’m from AZ and a liberal. It sucks. Phoenix artist community makes me feel like everyone here is liberal and then I remember that we (artists) are only maybe 1% of the population, 10% at the very most. :-/ Other than the (very few) friends that I know are liberal (+ my parents and some cousins), I have only seen and heard of other AL liberals on social media sites and Left in Alabama.  Usually, around here, the term liberal is used to denote something dirty or sinister.   Even news outlets seem to cater to the right-wing, so newscasts are filled with religious talk, stories about sex being wrong, etc.  For example, a few months ago, there was a billboard that was put up by an Atheist organization. Instead of doing a story on religious freedom, local news folks mainly talked to church leaders who scoffed at the story and to local church-going people who talked about how at least they weren’t going to hell.  These were the same sentiments that were discussed in an interview about a sex toy shop.  They’re the same things that get said whenever anything progressive is mentioned.  We always have to hear from a Southern Baptist preacher or one from some other conservative denomination.  We have to hear about the moral implications.  It’s quite annoying. Sorry, didn’t mean to rant