via Instagram Amy is grooming her paws and taking a break from barking at the Germany v. Ghana World Cup match. She seems to be a Germany fan. She barks whenever Ghana scores or does well. When Germany scores or does something good, she’s silent. Of course, she could actually be going for Germany, but it makes more sense that she’d pull for Germany–she is a dachshund.1 Yes, I realize that it was completely coincidental. The barking is probably from hearing the crowd roar. ↩

Grooming During the World Cup

via Instagram Amy had mail today. She got a package from Science Diet and Klout, as part of the Perfect Weight 10-Week Turnaround. It’s got dry food, canned food, treats, a bowl, and a leash. She qualified for the perk because I apparently share a lot of pictures and posts about her. Basically, my weirdness got her some pretty cool swag.

Amy’s Klout #PerfectWeight Package from #ScienceDiet Arrived