neo nazi

A die-hard #Trump fan who uses SS soldier as profile pic. — Jan (@Janx53) July 30, 2016 @Janx53 @Mwforhr @jsavite At least 8 times since October. — Janet Morris (@janersm) July 30, 2016 @janersm @Mwforhr @jsavite The guy's profile pic is from WW2 showing a member of Waffen SS! (=Nazi party military wing)#Trump — Jan (@Janx53) July 30, 2016 @Mwforhr @janersm @jsavite Not a surprise he has Nazi followers, but #Trump is quoting this guy! Many times! — Jan (@Janx53) July 30, 2016 Yeah, that's bigger than just having nazi followers. @Janx53 @janersm @jsavite — Marianne آرزو (@Mwforhr) July 30, 2016 It's no mistake. This is who he is and seeks support from. @Janx53 @janersm @Mwforhr @jsavite — lawhawk (@lawhawk) July 30, 2016 Photo credit: Effnheimr via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA