Nana’s Aloha Album

Technically, the album is actually Granddaddy’s, since he was the person who actually went to Hawaii.

Nana’s Red Photo Album (Mama & Papa’s 60th Anniversary)

At first this photo album looked like it was just going to be pictures from my great-grandparents’ anniversary, but it had a lot of other pictures in it.

Almost 70 pictures

Nana’s White & Gold Photo Album

I still need to update the captions, tags, and order of the pictures, but I figured that I should go ahead and publish this.


Extremely image heavy

Nana’s Red Photo Album (40th Anniversary & Miscellaneous)

Most of these pictures are from Nana and Granddaddy’s 40th Anniversary Party, which took place in January 1991.1 There are a few images from other days2 in this album, so I’ve included them as well. If I remembered what they were for, I put it in their caption.

  1. I turned 7 that February. 

  2. Including ones from before I was alive.