sorcerornobody: sophieasweetheart: sub-maureen: HOLY SHIT, GUYS, THE POST IS JOKE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ALMIGHTY, CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH DON’T SEND ME OR ANYONE ELSE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBERS, JESUS CHRIST. NO. BIG FAT NO-NO. YOU’RE LUCKY I’M NOT A THEIF, ANON, SOME PEOPLE WOULD GO TO TOWN WITH A HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN A CAR. I REPEAT: DO. NOT. SEND. ME. YOUR. CREDIT. CARD. NUMBERS.  I. THOUGHT. THIS. WAS. COMMON. SENSE. JESUS. MARY. AND. JOSEPH. Oh my god.. At least if they’re going to (foolishly) send you the credit card number, they could give you the name, expiration date, and security code on the card. via Tumblr

Do. Not. Send. Me. Your. Credit. Card. Numbers.