Help with unexpected bills

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I’m on disability, which sometimes doesn’t provide me with enough to pay for all of my monthly expenses. This past month was one of those times. I overdrafted my account by $500, which means that when my disability check comes, I will have about $200 to make it through September on. That won’t be enough. I’ve cut out as many expenses as possible for next month, but I will still be at least $200 short. If I overdraft next month, this issue will continue into October, which could continue into November, and so on. I’d just like to get this taken care of so that I can not have this stress hanging over me.

$400 would ensure that I could avoid any overdrafts next month and that I could put whatever is left into a savings account so that I can prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future.

I wouldn’t ask for help if I didn’t need it, but I really do need the help.

Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

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Even if you just pass the link on to someone else, it will be helpful.