Have I mentioned on here before that I’m allergic to raw onions? I think I have. It’s something I discovered about five years ago when I ate something with raw onion on it & broke out in hives across my face. I confirmed it a few times after that to make sure; usually I had Benadryl on hand.1  Since then, I’ve been extremely careful about not consuming raw onions. I try to make sure to only order onions that I’m sure have been thoroughly cooked. And before you ask: Yes, it is absolutely possible to be allergic to raw onions and not to cooked ones.2  Today, I went to Quizno’s and had a sandwich that had “sautéed onions” on it. I took a bite & found they had the taste & texture of raw onions. I spent minutes taking apart my sandwich. My dad talked to the manager/franchise owner who said the onions were “sautéed” in the microwave. I know you can do that to a certain degree in a microwave, but the onions on my sandwich were either raw or barely cooked. Either way, they were a danger to me & a lesson learned.  I should just skip all onions & mention I’m allergic to them when I’m at restaurants—advice that was given to me a few years back by Anna. She’s a smart lady.  Because I’m me. ↩The theory is that the things that cause the allergy are broken down by the heat of cooking it. ↩

Locked Me Out and Threw a Feast

I’m not sure how many posts this will take, but I thought it was worth documenting. @brettwestny @DonnaVishio “Uneducated dicks with guns” is practically the slogan of the state of Mississippi. Perhaps we should disarm MS. — Janet Morris (@janersm) February 23, 2017 @brettwestny @DonnaVishio I’m not. Have you ever looked at how Mississippi ranks in education? Plenty of people in “the hood” are educated. — Janet Morris (@janersm) February 24, 2017 @brettwestny @DonnaVishio Being impoverished doesn’t mean you are less intelligent. It just means you’re poor. — Janet Morris (@janersm) February 24, 2017 @brettwestny @Olivianuzzi I’m disabled, bro. If Trump wants to improve my circumstances he could give SSI recipients more than $750/month. — Janet Morris (@janersm) February 24, 2017 @brettwestny @Olivianuzzi There isn’t a damn thing wrong with my attitude. Yours needs work. — Janet Morris (@janersm) February 24, 2017 @brettwestny @DonnaVishio Right. Anything that can disprove your claim that people “in the hood” are uneducated isn’t worth sharing. — Janet Morris (@janersm) February 24, 2017 @brettwestny @DonnaVishio It’s not unfair to expect all children receive the same quality education. In fact, that’s the opposite of unfair. — Janet Morris (@janersm) February 24, 2017

I walked to the yard of Barks While He Twirls again today. A house away, I pulled my hoodie’s sleeve up, but it didn’t matter. Apparently, BWHT’s family was dog-sitting1 today because there was a big old dog in his yard. This dog also had a big bark & attitude. He seemed to terrify BWHT & TPS, and I realized quickly that he was not the type to socialize.2 He also wouldn’t let the other dogs get near me. It was a bit sad because I could tell that they wanted to be petted. I also wanted to pet them.3 But I’d rather be able to pet them some other day than get a big dog pissed off at me. Who knows? Maybe one day I can convince him that I’m a good person & he will let me pet him as well.4 I “walked” Amy twice today in addition to my walk to BWHT’s house. She actually walked about a tenth of a mile during one walk today, which is a lot for her.  When we headed home, there was a guy running down the street. She started to bark at him56 before she realized she was outside.7 Then she stood there and watched him run by. When she realized he paid her no attention, she hrmphed at him.8 After this slight, she headed back in rather quickly. I guess she was frustrated or embarrassed. And she needed to pee.9   The only other “major” thing I did today was cook. I made Confetti Chicken ‘N Rice for the second time. I had to halve the amount of red pepper in it because the original was too hot for mom.10 It was much cooler & she tolerated it well.11 It’s weird how pretty mundane things can be important in a day.  I use this term loosely because they barely provide adequate care for their own dogs. They have no dog house outside for either dog. They are never outside with them either. If they go out to the yard, the dogs are not out with them. ↩There aren’t many dogs—or other types of animals—who won’t interact with me, so that shocked me. ↩And I wanted to convince the big old grumpy dog to like me. I apparently have puppy pleasing tendencies in addition to my people pleasing ones. ↩Need approval, I do. ↩No one had told him that he needs Amy’s approval to run in her neighborhood. ↩A bossy one, she is. ↩She’s braver in the house. ↩If you go down her street, you have to at least acknowledge her existence. Otherwise you’re being rude. ↩She only knows how to use puppy pads. She will not use the bathroom outside. At all. ↩Because my mom had severe dry mouth—associated with diabetes, kidney failure, etc.—so long, her teeth and tongue are very sensitive. Her tongue used to have cracks in it because it was so dry & damaged. She also used to LOVE spicy food—she introduced me to the joys of Szechuan style food cSo I believe her when she says eating spicy food hurts too much. ↩Yay! ↩

Another Day, Another Dog

The Missouri legislator1 who wants to keep EBT recipients from buying steak and seafood can go fuck a metaphorical duck.2 There are douchenuggets who think that restricting coverage on those things is awesome. Some want it expanded further because3 it should only cover nutritious items necessary for survival. They even want to ban chocolate. Fuck that shit.  First of all, the steak and seafood are nutritious foods. Seafood, especially. I sometimes buy frozen tilapia filets. They’re very nutritious. They’re also safe for my mom, with her kidney failure that restricts a lot of meal options, to eat. Between my card and the occasional sale by the store, I can sometimes get a few filets. Secondly, the ones who want to block the buying of other items kinda suck. Chocolate is nutritious. It’s also a good treat when you are eating mainly healthy foods. A doctor actually told me that a piece of chocolate everyday is fine if you’re careful to keep from overeating otherwise. Third, who the fuck cares what a recipient eats or drinks? You don’t live their life, so you don’t get to decide the food they can and can’t eat. I don’t walk up to wealthy people and say, “Ew. Caviar? You do realize you’re eating potentially adorable mammals. Gross.” But people want to turn it around and say, “You can’t eat that because you’re poor.” Nope. Not your life. Not your call. Also, when this sort of thing comes up, it reminds me why I have anxiety issues at grocery stores. I always worry that people are looking at the junk food in the cart, but ignoring the fruit, the yogurt, and other healthy items. I had to get a proxy card so that my family can get the food for me. Part of that is from the anxiety related to the cart-judging. I basically hide because I know that there’s a chance that some stranger is going to see my chocolate bars and say, “That lazy fatass is using my hard earned money to make that ass bigger.” The judgment that people have toward the poor can be overwhelming for some of us. Rick Brattin ↩Bestiality is gross, y’all. ↩paraphrasing ↩

Let Them Eat Steak

via Instagram Tonight, I made this for dinner. I didn’t feel like making Turkey Empanditas, which was what I was originally planning on cooking. I needed to use the ground turkey, so I made this instead. Ingredients 1 lb. ground turkey 1 Tbsp. olive oil 2 tsp. Italian seasoning 2 cans diced tomatoes (no salt added; with basil, oregano, garlic) 1 zucchini (cut into chunks) 1 can tomato paste 1 can pineapple chunks (save some of the syrup/juice; rinse the chunks off) 1 tsp. honey (opt.) 1 pound macaroni dash of salt (opt.) dash of pepper (opt.) Cooking Instructions Heat olive oil on Medium or Medium-High heat in skillet. Add ground turkey and allow to brown. Add Italian seasoning while turkey browns. Add chunks of zucchini and stir. Cook for about three minutes before adding tomatoes. Stir again. Cook for another two minutes. Stir in tomato paste and cook three more minutes. Stir in honey before adding pineapples and the reserved syrup/juice. Add salt and pepper. Bring to boil, then turn down the heat and let simmer for 20-30 minutes. Cook pasta. Once pasta has been cooked and drained, mix the sauce in well. Serve. Notes You don’t have to put the actual pineapple in, if you’re not a big pineapple fan. The syrup/juice is what gives the flavor the right kick. According to my family, Parmesan, cheddar, and mozzarella all taste pretty good with it. Nutritional Details Serves: 8 Calories: 307 Total Fat: 7g Saturated Fat: 2g Polyunsaturated Fat: 0g Monounsaturated Fat: 1g Trans Fat: 0g Cholesterol: 50mg Sodium: 87mg Potassium: 605mg Total Carbs: 41g Dietary Fiber: 5g Sugars: 19g Protein: 18g Vitamin A: 13% Vitamin C: 37% Calcium: 4% Iron: 18%

Recipe: Turkey, Zucchini, and Pineapple Macaroni

I called Dottie again today. Twice. The first time I called was at around 3:40 or 3:45. I had woken up late, while the office was closed for lunch, and had to go grocery shopping before they got back. Thanks to the wonderful renovation job that’s being done at our grocery store, it took around 90 minutes to get through the place.1 I had a feeling when I called that first time that she would have some kind of excuse or something. I didn’t expect to talk to her voice-mail. I was tired from shopping and had spilled some food on myself while putting the groceries up, so I was a bit bitchy. My message went along the lines of:2 Hi, Dottie. This is Janet. I was in Monday of last week3 for a referral to physical therapy. You told me that you would get it done and call me with the information. You didn’t call. I called back yesterday to find out the status. You told me you would call. You didn’t call. It’s been over a week, Dottie. I’ll call you back at 4:30 to find out if it’s done yet. It shouldn’t take this long. This is getting ridiculous. Well, as you probably figured out by the fact that I had to call her twice, she didn’t respond to my first voice-mail. I stepped it up a little4: Dottie, this is Janet again. I’m still waiting on that referral. When you call back, I not only want the referral, I want the name and number of your supervisor. Thank you. She didn’t return that call before the end of the workday, so I’m assuming it won’t be returned at all. Tomorrow I’m calling again. This is going to get done. It shouldn’t take a week and a half to do something that takes so little time. What is this woman doing with her time at work? It’s obvious that she isn’t actually working. Once upon a time I might not have fought her on this, but I am sick of being the girl that everyone walks all over. I almost never stand up for myself offline, but I need to change that. And I’m starting with this situation. We had to backtrack through the store a few times. ↩Not verbatim, as verbatim would include certain personal details that I don’t feel comfortable sharing on here. ↩July 21st ↩in a civil way ↩

Are You Trying to Be Little Bunny Foo Foo?