Between the private message she sent him and her very public Facebook posts where she threatened his life, I’m not surprised that she was fired. It wasn’t just that she used slurs or obscene language, she threatened him. She sicced her fans/followers on him. He wasn’t the only one publicizing the disagreement. She was also encouraging people to do harm to him within a day of his post. If she’s not homophobic, which given some of her remarks about Robert Reed’s death, I’m not completely convinced of, she does have serious anger issues that she needs to work on. (from Facebook via IFTTT)

There’s a Doctor Who coloring book that will be released the day before my birthday. I know what you’re probably thinking. You’re probably thinking, “What kind of person would be excited over a Doctor Who coloring book?” But that’s not the question you should be asking. You should by asking, “What kind of person wouldn’t be excited over a Doctor Who coloring book?” If you’re just figuring out that I’m a weird fangirl, then you’re clearly late to the party.

I doubt that he’s actually pulling out. First, the sequels haven’t been officially confirmed. Second, he’s probably contractually bound to do them and he would have a hard time backing out on his own. Third, the studio and his reps have yet to even suggest this is happening. Fourth, the reason being given—that his wife wants him out because of what Christian does—MAKES NO SENSE. The “plots” of the books haven’t changed since he signed on. Jamie has been playing the part of Paul Spector in The Fall; Paul is a serial rapist and serial killer. AFAIK: she hasn’t demanded that he quit the series. It seems like she would have wanted him out of that if she was really against his playing a man who is violent toward women. And Amelia is an actress and had a small role in the movie Quills, a fictionalization of the life and proclivities of Marquis de Sade, whose name is where the terms sadism and sadomasochism come from. So this whole thing makes no sense. What it seems like is a way to create a lot of drama and a way to make people feel okay with harassing & hating Amelia. via Tumblr

Jamie Dornan quitting FSOG?

Anyone who likes Christina Hoff Sommers should probably leave this blog. I see people talking about her debunking of the wage gap and her “equity feminism” beliefs without mentioning that she isn’t exactly the best source of what is good/bad economics- and equality-wise. Why? Well, her current job, for one. (Her previous job of ethics professor doesn’t really mesh with it.) Christina Hoff Sommers works for The American Enterprise Institute (AEI), which is a “think tank” for rich white people who don’t like to think. On AEI’s Board of Trustees, there is the totally equal ratio of 24:1 (men to women). That sure sounds like equity has already been achieved there. AEI’s interests aren’t in actual equality, but in fighting America’s “culture war” and reforming education, affirmative action, and welfare. They have also been advancing their causes of making sure all voters have photo ID (potential poll tax), doubting the reality that is climate change, opposing regulation of the financial system, opposing increases in minimum wage, and defending big tobacco. “Scholars” of AEI have written articles in favor of government censorship of art. I can almost hear the goose stepping now. When he was in office, George W. Bush appointed over a dozen people from AEI to senior positions within his administration and they helped promote his war machine. Reportedly, they offered money to scientists who would dispute a climate change study. They’re big on the whole “anti-lobbying” thing and I’m guessing that that’s because you don’t need to lobby when you’ve already got people in positions of influence within the actual government. Once upon a time, Kenneth Lay (of Enron fame) and Dick Cheney were on the board of trustees; Dinesh D’Souza is a fellow there. And its current incarnation has ties to both ALEC and the Koch brothers. AEI’s affiliate, Charles Murray, published The Bell Curve in the 1990s; it established IQ was a determinant of socio-economic status. But that’s not the only issue.  

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I saw Fifty Shades of Grey today and… The movie is better than the book. That was the consensus of everyone who talked about it as they left the auditorium. The movie doesn’t include most of the abusive behavior. Anything abusive that was left in was not as bad as it was in the book. Ana actually comes off as less of a “doormat” and Christian isn’t as horrifyingly creepy as he was in the book. He actually comes off as almost sympathetic, which could be worse in some ways because it might lull some people into thinking that his behavior is acceptable.  The movie highlights how poorly written the books were. Like the books, there’s no real plot. There’s no real way to gauge the time. It ends in what should have been before or during the climax of the story, but that’s a problem with the books.  Though Christian mentions his mom’s drug use (and her preference) and being a prostitute, there was no calling her a crack whore. (His doing that in the books always made me cringe.) I don’t know why they couldn’t hire total nobodies for roles like Mia and Grace. They barely had any lines at all. Also, Max Martini’s main job in the film as Jason Taylor is to stand behind Jamie/Christian and take objects from his hands. It felt like they were using him as an extra. There was one scene where you could infer that oral sex was supposed to be happening. And it was actually a Christian going down on Ana one, which is still oddly taboo in American cinema. But it was the only oral scene. It was also the only real foreplay scene of any kind, which is a little cringe-worthy because there would be a whole lot of chafing. And there were a lot of shots of Dakota’s magically always-erect nipples and Jamie’s very lovely butt.  Oh, if you don’t want to see the movie yourself, for whatever reason, I would still recommend getting the soundtrack. It’s pretty damn awesome. via Tumblr

Fifty Shades of Tame

This post contains GIFs. Sorry. “You even called me stupid in your verse, and I’m almost agreeing, for where stupidity is involved, you are quite an expert, friend.” – Franz Grillparzer I had group therapy today; the Debbie group, not the Seeking Safety/Mary group. While I was waiting, two of the other group members came in. One is Shrill1 , the woman who has the history of five abusive husbands was talking to Cyberman. She was swinging her bottle of Pepsi Wild Cherry back and forth as she walked, which didn’t seem like the best idea, but I wasn’t going to say anything.2 Cyberman came and stood in front of me with his hand held out, like he wanted a high five or something. Source. Actually, I know him. Obviously. I have a nickname for him after all. We’ve been in groups together for a while and he’s talked to me one-on-one before, but he has this tendency to invade personal space, so it shouldn’t have shocked me that he thought this was okay. But it did. Source. Anyway, he was looking at me like he thought I thought that he had cooties–and he could have. I eventually stuck my hand in his hand. He said something about how it shouldn’t have taken me that long to stick my hand out. I made up some line about how it was due to him wearing a t-shirt promoting the University of Alabama on it. While that did play a part,3 the bigger issue was my haphephobia45 kicking in, but I couldn’t exactly take the time to tell him, “Dude, I don’t want to shake your hand or high five you because I’m nuts like that.” Source. Surprisingly, after I shook his hand, he walked away. He semi-introduced me to Shrill because he didn’t realize that I had met the woman before. I guess it was a good thing that she didn’t remember me because that would have been embarrassing for him. She would have called him on it. I turned away from them because, as I’m guessing is becoming more and more apparent here, I really don’t like them. Two women came through the waiting room with this two year old boy. One was his grandmother and, like so many grandmothers, she had gum and he wanted it. She was trying to get him to introduce himself to these two nuts and he was scared. Good instincts, kid.6 Anyway, Shrill declared that the kid would grow out of his shyness. She also decided to announce to the room that she was never shy. I’m pretty sure that no one was surprised by this. Before group, Shrill asked Cyberman if he had had cherry-flavored Pepsi before and he told her he hadn’t. She told him it was new7 and he told her that he was more into Dr. Pepper.8 She said that she was trying not to drink any regular Pepsi because she “saw on Facebook” how it had something “really horrible” in it and that she wanted to physically assault Obama because of it.9 Cyberman asked her what was in them and she told him that Pepsi contained the cells from aborted fetuses. She went on to say the whole spiel about the cells being used for flavor enhancement. My dad and I were sitting there and I was trying so hard not to react, but I eventually turned toward her and said: “That rumor was debunked about four years ago.”10 She looked at me and I realized that she probably didn’t know what debunked meant11, so I said, “It’s a hoax.” Again, this seemed to confuse her.12 “It’s fake.” She looked relieved and took a swig of her drink. Source. I guess she was having trouble controlling her Pepsi habit even though she believed that it contained aborted fetuses. Or maybe she likes them a little older? Now that she no longer felt all cannibalistic for her continued soda addiction, she said, “Well, it was on Facebook.” I turned my head around before rolling my eyes about that. My dad was mumbling, “Facebook isn’t Gospel, people.” Source. Other people who were out of that conversation seemed to be shaking their heads, but this other woman who completely believed the line about the aborted fetuses said: “Well, I saw this thing on Facebook the other day that you shouldn’t eat burgers from McDonald’s because someone got Herpes from their mayonnaise.” Shrill said that she would no longer be getting burgers from Mickey D’s, because all other rumors from Facebook still have to be legit. I have seen a lot of people fall for hoaxes online and it bothers me. It’s not that hard to debunk this stuff. I almost feel like making a guide for how you can figure this stuff out, except it isn’t even that hard. All you have to do is type in words from the rumor into a search engine and press enter. Source. To just find out about hoaxes with those keywords, you type “” and the words. This stuff is so simple that small children could do this. Source. I know that not every person is internet savvy. My mom isn’t very internet savvy, but she does understand how Google works. If she can figure out how to do the whole search engine thing, then they can, too. This is part of why I hate going to this particular group. I’m about ready to ask Debbie if she can just switch me back to individual sessions. They’re letting therapists do that again, so maybe that would be a better thing for me. Her voice is textbook when it comes to shrillness. ↩While I would have greatly enjoyed seeing it explode and spew cola foam all over her, I wasn’t going to say anything to her about it because I hate to draw attention to myself. ↩Team loyalty is important down here. ↩It’s a real and rare specific phobia where you fear being touched. It causes actual physical and […]

For where stupidity is involved, you are quite an expert, ...

Previously published on Thought Catalog Openly supporting certain positions can lead to harassment, especially on the Internet. It’s something that anyone who speaks their mind eventually ends expecting. Expecting it doesn’t mean that it is less painful or more fun. It just means that you’ve learned to expect that some folks just don’t understand how to talk to another human being like they’re actually a human being. Quite frankly, that sucks. For being pro-choice and for promoting access to things like free/cheap birth control, other safe and affordable forms of reproductive health care, and comprehensive sex education, I’ve encountered a variety of different slams. There are a lot of assumptions that pro-birth people make when you support the right to access safe and legal abortions. (I am referring to them as pro-birth instead of pro-life for the purpose of this post because many support multiple policies that endanger lives. There are some very considerate pro-life people out there and this is not geared toward those people.) 1. You should keep your legs closed. But I just got this fancy Thighmaster. Wait. Do they even sell those anymore? Thank you for assuming that because I support abortion that I am promiscuous. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being promiscuous, but I’m not. And my promiscuous tendencies or lack thereof is not the basis for how I feel about an issue. 2. You’re a sex-obsessed whore. Seriously? What the fuck?  Taking birth control doesn’t mean that you’re a prostitute. It doesn’t even mean that you’re having sex. There are these things called medical conditions, like anemia, premenstrual syndrome, endometriosis or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, where women take “The Pill” to keep from being sick, dying of blood, in severe pain, or from being horribly depressed. Women even take it for acne. Whatever the reason a person takes, you shouldn’t be judging them. 3. You’re stupid. How’d you come to that conclusion? Is there some statistical evidence that people who believe in abortion have lower IQs? Or does it just make you feel uncomfortable that my brain is okay with the idea that I can’t make personal decisions for another person? Ding, ding, ding. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a winner. Having a different opinion doesn’t make a person stupid. And a person’s intelligence and understanding can be measured in a variety of ways. Some people are talented at understanding science and math. Some understand Russian Literature. Some have a natural ability to fix a car. Some have an ability to paint. Some are good listeners. We’re all different in our ways of understanding our world. If everyone is different, then who are you to judge who is and who is not smart? 4. You’re ugly. And that makes me wrong how? Who cares what I look like? If you think I’m ugly, then you think I’m ugly. It doesn’t make me want to change my opinion. Bringing up a person’s appearance when you’re debating a particular topic is such a ridiculous tactic. There are a lot of really hot people who are stupid and really ugly people who are smart and vice versa. Appearance doesn’t impact a person’s intelligence or their ability to formulate an opinion, unless they let it. And the only reason that they might let it is that we’ve got some really messed up ideas of what counts most in American culture. 5. No one will ever have sex with you if you have that attitude. Fuck that. What you mean is that you and other peoplelike you don’t want to have sex with anyone who has a particular belief set. Well, that’s fine. People like me probably wouldn’t want to have sex with people like you. Does that shock you? 6. You must hate men. Are you trying to be an ignorant asshole? Or is this something you excel at naturally? Did you know that men can be pro-choice? Oh, my goodness. Your world is probably imploding right now, isn’t it? 7. You’re a baby-killer and a monster. Hey, I’m not Olaf the Troll! I don’t go around pillaging fictional towns, eating babies, and trying to get revenge against my ex-lover-who-became-a-demon-because-I-cheated. (If you get this reference, you deserve a cookie or some cookie dough.) Your ridiculousness is seriously breaking my heart. 8. God hates you. You hate me, so you assume that means that a deity that you happen to believe in also hates me. Narcissist much? If God exists, then let God tell me this. It is not up to you. That you think it is up to you makes me think you aren’t really clear on the whole idea of humility. Maybe you need to work on that before you judge me. It used to bug me when these things were said to me. It doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy now, but I don’t take it personally. I realize that this is just what some pro-birth people are taught to feel. I hope that they figure out that they’re wrong at some point, but it’s not really something that I expect because they’re stubborn. I hope that they realize that I’m just as stubborn about my beliefs as they are.

8 Things Pro-Birth Advocates Say