There’s an ongoing refugee crisis in European and Middle Eastern countries as people flee countries like Syria,123456789 Libya,1011 and Afghanistan.1213141516 Should countries in Europe and the Middle East allow people seeking refuge to either move to their country or to travel through to another country? Should companies that are selling tickets for buses, trains, and planes be penalized if they sell a ticket to a refugee while refugees are forbidden from leaving the country they are in? Are Western countries to blame for this crisis, due to the wars that they have started and/or participated in in the region? Image of 3-year-old who washed ashore underscores Europe’s refugee crisis ↩Hungary Reopens Budapest Train Station to Stranded Refugees After Two Days ↩Cameron bows to pressure to let in more Syrian refugees ↩Image of a Small, Still Syrian Boy Brings Migration Crisis Into Focus ↩ EU migrant crisis: Father describes moment children slipped away as Cameron says UK will take Syrian refugees ↩Syrian Refugees” ↩Quick facts: What you need to know about the Syria crisis ↩Syria Regional Refugee Response ↩Stories from Syrian Refugees ↩Libyan asylum seekers reach New Zealand ↩2015 UNHCR subregional operations profile – North Africa ↩Costs of War: Afghan Refugees ↩Report: $1B Wasted in Afghan Refugee Crisis ↩Coming home to war: Afghan refugees return reluctantly from Pakistan ↩2015 UNHCR country operations profile – Afghanistan ↩$950M U.S. Effort to Aid Afghan Refugees Thwarted by Incompetence and Corruption ↩

Seriously, this comment was left on my review of For Such a Time by Kate Breslin: It’s not an easy read, dealing with a dark and hellish time in history, the Nazi occupation of Germany, but it’s a worthwhile and powerful read. Hadassah Benjamin is half-Jewish and believed she’d be protected by her Aryan-like looks; SS Kommandant Colonel Aric von Schmidt is head of the transit concentration camp Theresienstadt in Czechoslovakia. Getting spam related to the book only makes the book seem more disgusting. And it tarnishes my opinion of spam quite a bit, too. (Not that I was a fan of it either.) When did spam switch to Christian Inspiration fiction set during the Holocaust? I thought they stuck to drugs and sexual dysfunction. via Tumblr

I read the book, so I wasn’t surprised by any of the numerous twists that Flynn imagined up in her story. I also wasn’t surprised that I found the movie just as convoluted and boring as the book. I still don’t understand how or why it attracted such a following. It’s the mystery/thriller/drama equivalent of the Scream franchise. It uses cliched, trope-filled action while critiquing the culture and society’s thirst for vengeance over justice. The unfortunate thing is that it gets caught up in being melodramatic and fails to adequately execute that social criticism. It’s awful. The actors do a great job, which is why it’s getting two stars instead of just one. I think the supporting cast deserves the most credit. They really try to sell the film. Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris both did absolutely incredible work. Ben isn’t one of my favorite actors, but I generally like his acting work. In this movie, I don’t. As Nick, he carries a constant grimace that just makes him look constipated. He looks more like he needs to find a box of laxatives than his missing wife. Like with the book, I think it is a waste of time and that you should really skip it unless you like the book or members of the cast. It’s just not worth the hype. There are so many better movies out there.

Review: Gone Girl

A lovely opinion by someone identifying as Priscila that I encountered while reading the Buzzfeed story on Project Harpoon:1 Fat people will be like “yeah is my thyrode or my genes”. No sweety, is you not doing excersise or eating your veggies So much denial here. EDIT: For starters, when you are fat you are not healty because if you fall your own weight will break a bone that normally wont if you are skinnier. And my response: I’ve always been obese and I’ve fallen a lot in my life. None of those falls resulted in a fracture. That’s even with a pretty severe vitamin D deficiency and with connective tissue diseases (Ehlers-Danlos & UCTD) which cause more fragile bones. God, even PCOS, which I also have and was diagnosed by a specialist, can lead to fragile bones, but, big shocker, no fractures while falling for me.The only breaks I’ve ever had were when I was 13, 14, and 16. That was one stress fracture that just took a long time to heal, which would have been true even if I had grown up at a healthy weight. (People with EDS have a harder time healing from injuries.) And to the people who bring up the high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. stuff: Yes, obese people can develop those things, but not every obese person does. I have low blood pressure. I have normal blood sugar. I have some cholesterol issues, but I’ve been working on that without medication and it’s been improving. If you saw me, you wouldn’t know that I eat an extremely low sodium diet and only take in, at most, 1500 calories. You wouldn’t know that the only things I drink every day are water (64-96 oz./day) and milk (8 oz./day). You wouldn’t know that I really hate fast food. You wouldn’t know that when I can exercise regularly (I have an ongoing EDS-related knee injury that’s got that sidelined for now) that I walk 2 miles a day (split into a mile or less per session per doctor’s orders) or that when I can’t, I’m still getting in more steps in a day than my more able-bodied friends. And you wouldn’t know that because when you look at me, all you see is the fat. You don’t see the person. So your “concern” over my health or over the health of other people who look like I do really seems fake. My mom’s obese2 and breaks bones every year, but it isn’t the obesity that causes the breaks. It’s the combination of connective tissue disease and a vitamin d deficiency. My 82-year old grandmother is obese, falls down quite a bit, and doesn’t break bones.345 Being obese and falling doesn’t mean someone is going to break a bone. Weight problems and falling down aren’t uncommon in my family, but fracturing a bone with every fall is. And guess what?! Even with the obesity and obesity-related issues, a lot of my relatives have lived until they’re in their 80’s and 90’s. Lifespan isn’t determined by weight alone or with the issues related to it. Maybe the non-experts on the internet should lay off the medical advice.6 Under this comment. ↩Yes, she’s also diabetic, has high blood pressure, has had issues with cholesterol, and has kidney failure, so on that she hit the fat person quadfecta. ↩She also doesn’t have issues with her sugar. ↩Her blood pressure being high is a relatively new thing. ↩I’m not sure about her cholesterol. ↩And the experts should know better than to give medical advice without a proper history. ↩

Sticks, Stones, and Unbroken Bones

I cannot believe such a horrible and exploitative show was ever greenlit. Actually, considering that A&E has shows that publicly shame hoarders and addicts, it really isn’t surprising they would expand their dehumanization to sex workers. It’s also not surprising that they misrepresent prostitution with their assumptions that prostitution is always human trafficking or than all prostitutes have pimps. They also portray the women as being morally and emotionally weak. They’re also shown as being unintelligent, drug addicts, and bad parents. It seems that they (including the “advocates” who are former prostitutes who shame and yell at the “victims”)1 don’t view these women as being fully human because of their profession. That’s really gross. The attitude of “Pastor Kevin” and his team towards prostitution, as well as the actual lack of resources that they provide to the women they’re “rescuing” is reminiscent of crisis pregnancy centers. There are grand promises they make to these women, but the reality of how they “rescue” them is a hotline number, a prayer, and a bunch of empty promises. None are trained to actually help or identify the people they claim to be rescuing. They coerce these women into talking about traumas and life stressors to at least two total strangers in the eight minute timeframe. They try to make these women trust them & seem shocked when they aren’t “empowered” to change. They seem shocked when they aren’t ready to leave a potentially abusive situation to go with a group of people who have emotionally abused you & lied to you in the less than ten minutes that you have known them. Human rights and sex worker advocates have rightly called them out for doing more harm than good to these women & to the cause of ending human trafficking. And when there are even reports that the women that said yes are being reported to cops? Yeah, that really sounds like they want to advocate for these people. And their idea that they are saving these women or that all sex workers need saving really speaks more to the egos of the “savior” than it does the SW. This show is messed up. I view the advocates as people who are dealing with Stockholm Syndrome. ↩

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