Our Brown and Gold Album (Baby Pictures)

These pictures start in the late part of 1984 and go into 1985. They will include my first trip to see my dad’s first cousin Teresa, one of the few gingers in the family and one of the first gingers I ever met, in Atlanta, my first Christmas, and my first birthday.

Mostly pictures of Baby Me

A House Is Not A Home 

Today, or, technically, yesterday, I went with my parents to Nana’s house. We had to pack up her angel collection so that the real estate agent will draw up a contract to sell the house. The contract has to be in place within the next week for Nana to qualify for Medicaid. Confused yet?

Nana collects angel figurines, vases, and other trinkets. The real estate agent said the angels would make the house creepy and prevent a sale. Apparently, it made the house look like it belonged to a little old lady, which it did, but the prospective buyers would be turned off. So we had to get them out of sight to appease him & any buyers that might start expecting to hear the theme of the Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits. Aunt Barbara or my mom one is going to check in with him now that they’re being packed up. Hopefully, he will give the thumbs up and get the show on the road. 

I was worried about how I would feel about going in today, but Aunt Barbara & Uncle Danny had taken down all of the pictures and stuff,1 so it didn’t feel like Nana’s house.2 I know that’s part of why they were supposed to take them down. But it just felt like some place I didn’t belong. And I know I’ll need to grieve over that loss later. But I don’t really have time for that at this point. Life has gone all mad hatter. 

We’ll get everything to work out. We have to. 

  1. Also per the real estate agent’s request. 

  2. Even though Granddaddy and she built the house. 

Nana’s Aloha Album

Technically, the album is actually Granddaddy’s, since he was the person who actually went to Hawaii.

Nana’s Red Photo Album (Mama & Papa’s 60th Anniversary)

At first this photo album looked like it was just going to be pictures from my great-grandparents’ anniversary, but it had a lot of other pictures in it.

Almost 70 pictures

Nana’s Blue & Gold Photo Album

Various pictures that Nana had in her blue and gold photo album. Some were old and some not that old.

There should be about 40 pictures

Nana’s White & Gold Photo Album

I still need to update the captions, tags, and order of the pictures, but I figured that I should go ahead and publish this.


Extremely image heavy