Tomorrow is the big day. I get to see my cardiologist again. I won’t pretend to be excited about it. I’m not. I’m not dreading it either. I already know what to expect & that I need not expect the doctor to be all that personable.1   I have a feeling he will be a little nicer today than he has been in the past.2 I have discovered that doctors who might ordinarily be dismissive of me because I’m fat3 are super-excited to find out that I’m trying to exercise more & lose the weight.4 Of course, they also tend to go, “How can we let you exercise when your health is so messed up?”56 And I’ll be like, “Yeah, that’s what I tried to get across to you umpteen gazillion times before.”7 I digress.  He should be happy that I’m trying to do the healthy thing. I don’t know if he will actually be happy though. Maybe so.8 And I don’t know if he’ll approve of the exercising. I hope he will. I think he will. But I don’t know he will.9 I hope he won’t send me home in a holter monitor. I hate those things. They’re uncomfortable & they don’t go well with water, so it makes showering a no-go thing, and that causes the itching in my brain10 to go into overdrive. It’s not good when I start thinking I’m dirty.11 I know that UAB wanted a new echocardiogram ordered, but I don’t know if the cardiologist will want to do one. If he does choose to do an echo, it’ll probably be done tomorrow in the office.12 So if I go through one & find out the results before I leave,13 I will try to write an entry about it.  Oh, I went to the pool twice last week and again today. Last Friday, a woman asked me if all I was going to do was walk back and forth in the pool14 and asked how many more times I would do that.15 Anyway, I just shrugged & told her that I had no idea. Today she just smiled & headed to the other end of the pool.16  In other moments of awkwardness, this time online, there is this annoying ass group of people from Louisiana who just won’t go the fuck away on Twitter.17 LSU has let in some truly awful people into their institution as Freshmen for the 2015-2016 school year. Not only are they ignorant assholes, they know jackshit about SEC football. They thought my preference of Tigers18 wearing orange and blue meant I liked Clemson. Ew. When I pointed out that Clemson was orange & purple and not in the conference, they continued to harp on my “liking” Clemson19 and said there was no way for them to know that Auburn was the school I was referring to20 because they have lives.21 Anyway, they’ve kept my block button busy. I don’t understand how “adults” can be so childish. It’s just pathetic. They’re pathetic. I really pity them. Bless their ignorant little hearts, the real world is gonna eat them up.  Photo via He’s not. ↩Not that he’s a douche. He’s nice, but he’s not really the soft-eyed, overly compassionate type either. He’s the former head of the cardiology department at Huntsville Hospital, and the hospital is a top cardiac facility in the country, so he’s got medical skills. I’m in good hands. ↩So pretty much all of them. ↩Great self-esteem boost, guys. ↩Not a direct quote. ↩But “so messed up” is a scientific term. It’s gotta be. ↩I put off exercising for a long time for a lot of reasons, but the fact that various doctor<strong><em>s</em></strong> had told me over the years that my lungs or heart or joints or other issues weren’t healthy enough for exercise played a major part. ↩Fingers crossed. ↩That makes sense, right? ↩OCD. ↩OCD may look like a quirky, fun time. It isn’t. ↩They have a room where they do them. ↩Unlikely. ↩Bitch, I might be. ↩Until I’m hungry or tired or thirsty or some combination of these things. ↩Did I just level up on socialization? No? Damn. ↩I’ve blocked so many members of this one girl’s social group. ↩Not the cat kind. ↩Ew. ↩It’s called Google. ↩This is why they felt the need to tweet me on repeated occasions to compare me to Godzilla & various other monsters. Tweets they felt obligated to make because I don’t like Trump. Yeah, what awesome lives they must lead. There are shitlords out there who have more respect for others. ↩

Every Super-Fast Beat of My Heart

3:54 pm: The woman behind us got a call about her friend. The friend’s water broke…at 18-20 weeks. The woman & her entourage1 seem to think babies can magically develop really early if they’re girls. Not surprisingly, they think that this woman will have a healthy little girl twenty-something weeks early. This is embarrassing and sad. Embarrassing because everyone should know enough about science & reproduction to know this kid isn’t going to survive. Sad because it’s going to blindside them when they get the news & this is an already sad situation.2 4:17 pm: An office person is walking through telling patients how many people are ahead of them.3 She couldn’t find my name on the list4 & asked whether I was a work in. I told her no. She finally found me. There were four ahead of me. Two different patients sitting near me are next in line for their doctors. Another is third in line for hers.5 And a post-op patient’s family complained to the woman because they have a two hour wait ahead of them–they just got here. Seriously, I’m shocked at how much they’re complaining about it. Anyone who comes here has a long wait. And long waits have happened with TOC for decades. Their doctor may have had to perform a surgery or deal with emergencies. That happens. Not just at orthopedics clinics. Cardiologists, neurologists, pulmonologists, ob/gyns. About the only place where it’s unacceptable is at a psychiatrist.6 4:52 pm: I was first taken to the cast room. Now I’m in a regular exam room. The nurse decided that the cast room didn’t give enough privacy.7 The nurse called the new room “the Auburn room” because it had an autographed Auburn jersey in it.8 5:03 pm: My knee has arthritis & non-specific damage. I’m going to go back through physical therapy two days a week for four weeks & I may start at-home stim treatments. They’re also fitting me with a brace & prescribing an anti-inflammatory spray that has to be special ordered through a pharmacy in New York. If it doesn’t get better, I get to come back again. He said that they can’t do surgery on it to find out what damage is unless I go through more physical therapy.9 He seems to think physical therapy will make it all better. I’m very doubtful, especially since I’ve already had around two months of it. I think that if physical therapy was going to help that it would have started helping already. I think it’s her mom. ↩Comprehensive sex education & strong science education would not only prevent unwanted pregnancies and help standardized test scores, it would help people like this woman understand that her friend is probably going to suffer a heartbreaking loss. They might stop her labor. She might make it far enough to keep her child. But the odds aren’t in her favor. Like I said, this is sad. ↩My appointment time was 3:45 pm. ↩Eventually, I am going to develop a complex over this. ↩Six doctors were in this afternoon. ↩It can even be unacceptable there. ↩It had a curtain separating it from another–occupied–room. ↩So did the cast room. ↩I didn’t ask about surgery. ↩

Brace Yourself 

In just a few short hours, the peaceful bliss1 that Saturdays have given me since January will end. In its place, college football will possess certain people I love2 with a sense of loyalty, competitiveness, and anger. And the quiet will be replaced with cussing and screams of joy, which sometimes take place outside of the house as well as in it.3  Woe unto our neighbors.  When they talked earlier, Nana asked mom if she was prepared for it to start back. Can we ever be fully prepared for the enthusiasm my father has for the Auburn Tigers? You can’t really prepare for it. It’s one of those times where we only intervene if we think he’s so excited he’ll stroke out.45 Woe unto his blood pressure.  Games do usually give me a chance to read, listen to music, or cook. Anything to get away from the screaming. I may use the game time as a way to work in my room. Well, except for when I am working on chili for dinner.  Woe unto the kitchen & my bedroom.  And I will also cautiously keep up with the Alabama game because of reasons. I can’t point this out because of reasons, and because my dad would launch into his spiel of “Alabama is evil. Nick Saban is evil.” It’s a very long spiel, depending on his mood. If Auburn does well, the mood will be more on the positive end. So, if he happens to launch into his Crimson Tirade after an Auburn win, it will be a lot better for all involved.  Woe unto spiel recipients.  And now the pain medicine and Flexeril are kicking my brain’s ass, if it has one. This probably started out sounding less spacey than how it is going to end. Sentences are starting to make a sense that is not.  Woe unto grammar.  Okay, I need to get to bed & sleep some. Otherwise, I’d have to say: Woe unto me.  Teehee. I said it anyway. Teehee? Do I even say that? Apparently I just did. Yeah, I need to sleep off this squiggly brain feeling.  War Eagle.6 Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. ↩My father. ↩No, seriously, he will walk out the front door and scream at the neighborhood–and sometimes the neighbors–out of anger and joy. Usually he saves the joy for them. ↩Really. ↩He’s like me–or I’m like him–in that his blood pressure is typically on the lower side of the normal blood pressure range. But things that get him worked up cause it to go to the bad side. Like me. Or you know. ↩And, you know…reasons. ↩

The End (of Quiet Saturdays) is Nigh

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No hotlinking Credit if you use; comments are appreciated. Legit concrit is awesome, too, but bashing/excessive snarkiness isn’t wanted. Please do not repost my graphics on other websites without asking for my permission. (This includes tumblr and fanpop.)

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