alzheimer’s disease

Dissolve into the Infinite: Pat Robertson is an Ass cluvieldor: janersm: Yes, most people know this already, except maybe the ones who follow him around like lemmings. He says despicable things quite often, but he has ventured into a whole new level of despicable behavior with his latest comments.[youtube]Yes, he suggested that people divorce their… I didn’t read this entire post, and I’m not going to (Lazy), but can I just…Why was R.Patz on the 700 Club to begin with?I’m not saying I agree with the guy. I didn’t hear his argument and I’m not going to watch it, but if I were to look at this from his side I would say it may be better to divorce your spouse depending on which route you take when caring for your spouse. Some people will just dump loved ones (ie parents, spouses, etc) with alzheimers at a care home and leave them. If you’re not going to care for them and try to help them whats the point in remaining married? I can understand if you don’t have the means to care for them yourself, but If you don’t visit them often/at all you may as well not be married.[/unpopular opinion] Not Robert Pattinson. Pat Robertson. Two totally different people. Eventually, many people with Alzheimer’s will end up in care facilities, but that isn’t from lack of care. The problem with what he is advocating is that it goes completely against what he (as a family values/moral majority/other crap) is supposed to stand for. A marriage is more than just being with someone when things are easy.  If he advocated that the guy got help with taking care of his wife, then that wouldn’t be objectionable. Getting help with this disease is one thing, but to just up and leaving someone that you have a commitment with because you can’t deal with them having this disease shows immaturity and lack of true concern for other people.