Review Policy/PR

As a reminder, all of my reviews are honest and reflective of what I truly thought of the book. Any compensation will not impact my review of a product.

All of my reviews are cross-posted at numerous places on the web, ensuring exposure of your title and my review. I post on: my blog here at, TumblrLiveJournal, Amazon.comGoodreads (when applicable), and Librarything (when applicable).  All posts on this blog are promoted on my Twitter account and on this site’s Facebook page.


I love to read, and I most definitely love doing reviews. I do accept review copies and ARC copies.

Genres I enjoy: fiction, non-fiction, memoirs/biography/autobiography, historical fiction, paranormal novels, urban fantasy novels, fantasy, mystery, crime, thriller, horror, poetry, chick lit, books dealing with politics and current events.

Genres I don’t like are actually very few and far between, but I will attempt most genres.

I don’t generally accept ebooks. I don’t have an ebook reader and, as I’m prone to migraines, reading a book on my computer is not something that I can usually do.

Other things I can review

  • Health care products
  • Beauty products/Makeup
  • Feminine products
  • Jewelry (I no longer wear earrings, though)
  • Food items
  • Clothing and shoes

For Marketers
If you think your product would interest me, please feel free to get in touch. I will review products and services, if they are relevant to me. Giveaways are also something I am willing to participate in. I will not lie about your product and say that I enjoyed it simply because you sent it to me. I will always be honest. I feel that honesty is extremely important.

Keep in mind that I will need full-sized products. I will keep the products sent to me for review purposes. I will not be responsible for any shipping, taxes, or customs fees. Giveaways will need to be sent directly to the winner by the company. Reviews will be posted within 8 weeks of receipt, unless otherwise discussed or unless something serious comes up. If the latter happens, I will contact you.

If you have a word limit/minimum or have a particular image that you want shown with the item, please let me know.

For giveaways, please provide me with the prize details, the number of prizes that will be given out, and the geographic eligibility. Once a winner is chosen, I will provide you with the winner’s contact information so you can arrange the shipment.

If you are interested in working with me or have any questions, please email me at janet[dot]main[at]fuzzypinkslippers[dot]com.