About Me

I’m Janet. I was born February 17, 1984. I’ve always lived in Huntsville, Alabama, except for a winter when I lived just outside Guntersville. I am only child, but had a foster brother and a foster sister at one point in my life. latest dailybooth

I was raised by a mother who converted to the Mormon church when I was 10 and a father who was raised Southern Baptist. I’ve been exposed to several different religions in my life, and I joined the Mormon church in 2008. I am, by no means, your average Mormon. I’m not even in good-standing with the church.

I live with both of my parents still, partially by choice and partially by necessity. I do own my own home, which is where we live. It is the home that we moved to when I was 8.

When I was 8, we were forced to move in with my grandfather, one of those necessity moves, with very little choice. My grandmother had just died, and he wasn’t taking care of himself. He was a jerk, and I don’t think I should sugarcoat anything that happened while he was alive because of his death. (I don’t particularly like when people do that anyway.) He was abusive. You name the abuse, he probably did it at some point in his life.

I have a lot of problems, physical and emotional. These problems are talked about on this blog frequently. If you have an issue with that, then by all means, please leave now. I am on disability, and I am not a freeloader. I am also not asking for pity or sympathy. If you try to give me any, you’re wasting your time. I’m also not asking for solutions to my issues.

I am progressive/left-wing, or as Americans call it: liberal. I have been since I was a little girl. I have always spoken my mind on issues and told people off in the online and offline world when it comes to things that I believe.

I used to beg for stuff, which actually had to do with some psychiatric stuff. This begging caused some mocking in certain circles, and led to some people (who I considered friends) basically considering me persona non grata. I don’t do the begging thing anymore.

I listen to craploads of music, run a message board, have an über popular fandom-related tumblr and a not-so-popular semi-personal one, tweet like a crazy little birdie, make icons and do random other things.

If you do actually like me, there is a fanlisting for me at http://cosmic.skyness.org/dj/ called “Dammit Janet”. Yes, I know that comes from Rocky Horror Picture Show, and no, I did not choose the title, as I have NEVER seen that movie. It was entirely Jef’s idea. The only hand I have in the fanlisting is to donate codes to him every once in a while.