The Harrowing, Narrowing Canal

When Mom called from Nana’s house this afternoon, she said that Nana is still unable to get up and walk to the living room & kitchen. Nana is still in severe pain from the cramps. She’s scheduled for an appointment with her family doctor on Wednesday, but that’s as much info as my dad shared from their conversation. I doubt that’s all my mom said because, like me, she’s quite the verbose person—only she’s actually vocally verbose, whereas I’m prone to writing my wordage out.1

If I get to talk to her tomorrow that I need to tell her that the spinal stenosis can cause severe cramps that cause mobility issues. I also need to suggest that Nana see a rheumatologist because they can help in the treatment of the condition. Since they deal in inflammatory conditions, a rheumatologist might have a solution for her that other types of specialists didn’t think of when she saw them. I just am trying to find the best solution to lessen Nana’s pain. Fingers crossed, right?

If anyone reading this is familiar with spinal stenosis and how to treat it, I’d love any ideas. I just can’t stand to see my Nana suffering so much. 

Photo credit: badjonni via Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

  1. I’m not sure which is considered more annoying. 

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