Daily Archives: March 28, 2016

If I had doubted the veracity of Nana’s claims that she is regularly dealing with severe pain, a trip to her house on Saturday ended that. I didn’t actually have any of those doubts though. I have seen her deal with mild and moderate pain before. This was something else.  She cried. She shook. She looked like she would vomit. She couldn’t walk easily or to the kitchen/living room area with any ease. She couldn’t even sit because it caused more pain in her legs.  She was suffering. She was in agony. I would have bartered my soul to stop that agony. It was excruciating to see her suffer so greatly, but I can only imagine that what she was experiencing was so much worse.  Before, when I would hear about others thinking she was making up the pain, I knew those people were wrong. Now I am sickened at the idea that they think she’s faking as a ploy to get their attention. It’s obvious that either they have never been there when she’s been in pain or they just haven’t paid enough attention. I hope they apologize for their assumptions. I hope they spend more time listening than passing judgment.  Right now, mom is staying with her. She’s getting her food and other things she needs. She’s also providing Nana a person to talk to. I hope Nana starts feeling better soon. Knowing she’s hurt so much so far hurts my heart.  Picture credit: Pixabay by nrebocho0

She Writhed About In Pain