Resting Bitch Face: Internet-Style

I don’t like Donald Trump. This should come as no surprise to anyone who interacts with me online. It also would not surprise my therapist or my family. I’m not shy about expressing my distaste for the very angry, very rich douchenugget.

Midday Friday, I was accused of being an angry person because a Trumplodyte happened to come across my tweets I’d made about Trump. I responded that I’m actually a very mellow person, which is true if you take into account that I’m also a very anxious person, so my version of mellow is slightly more agitated than most. But I’m not an angry person. 

I rant online, so that may make me seem like I’m in this constant angsty bitchfest zone, but social media is an outlet for me. Online outlets like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and here are ways I might be able to express that little bit of angst that’s keeping me from a relatively neutral state in my offline world. And when I’m online, I try to maintain a snarky attitude over a truly “grr argh” one.1 I don’t even death glare people online, so obviously I’m not too ragey. I’ll never be an all shiny, happy person, but I’m also not angry. 
Yeah, I’m frustrated by Trump. A lot. And I rant about him. A lot. I’m terrified by him. I’ve watched so many specials & documentaries on cults, hate groups, regimes run by brutal dictators, & the Holocaust. Trump reminds me of those, but he’s a current thing instead of a story about something that has already happened. He’s a volatile individual who is inspiring other people to behave in quite vile ways. That’s very reminiscent of those old stories that I’m familiar with, so that is going to stress me out. And talking about him with snark allows me to deal with that toxic stress in a healthy way. It gives me a safe way to cope with his noxious rhetoric. 

So of course I won’t agree that I’m an angry person. I’m a person who is trying to express her anxiety in ways that are not harmful to herself or others. And guess what? I’m doing that pretty well.2

Not every person who complains online is angry or whiny or moody. 

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  1. If you’ve ever read about, heard about, or personally experienced an outburst of anger committed of certain people in my life, then you know that my snark is nothing compared to true rage. 

  2. If I say something that hurts someone, then I feel bad that it hurt them. I know that wasn’t the case with this individual, but I just wanted to get that out there. 

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