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So, while I wait for my sunscreen to power-up, I thought I’d say that the only real use for a certain stigmatic trending topic, #TheTriggering, is to fill my 100,000+1 strong blocklist .2

I’ve seen a lot of those assholes pretend like it isn’t an attack on people with PTSD. They claim that the people who talk about needing trigger warnings aren’t “really” PTSD patients. Well, in a way, they’re correct; some who need trigger warnings are not PTSD patients. Many psychiatric ailments have environmental/stress-related triggers. Many “physical” ailments do as well.

They claim that people who talk about having PTSD haven’t really been diagnosed; that they just looked it up on the internet and randomly decided that they have it. Randomly claiming to have PTSD is apparently a lot less classy than telling a stranger on Twitter that you know more about their psychological health than they do.3 Maybe some who claim to have PTSD are faking, but I guess the shitlords don’t realize that if a person is faking a mental illness for attention or sympathy or because they genuinely believe they have it, they are still suffering from a mental illness. Guess what that means: They still deserve respect & compassion. 

Most of the posts I’ve seen that don’t bash PTSD patients are bashing non-whites, LGBTQ community members, the disabled, and other marginalized groups. They’ll glorify free speech and free enterprise, while wanting to restrict votes4 to people they don’t like and saying that a private business5 cannot ban people who violate its terms of service–they think that’s censorship.6 They deny that their harassment and bullying campaigns are abuse because, to them, abuse has to involve physical violence, but they’ll use Eron Gjoni’s supposed psychological abuse to promote those campaigns. Many profess a belief in Christianity, while not understanding its tenets. Others claim to be atheists—a belief they promote as one for morally superior individuals—while simultaneously engaging in harassment and bullying of others for fun.7 Many are Trump supporters and/or identify with KKK, neo-Nazi, or other alt-right ideologies. #TheTriggering is nothing more than a bigotpalooza. It’s sick and fucking twisted. 

And all of their hate is over what? Having to give a heads up that their words might upset others? At worst, that’s an inconvenience. They’re basically assholes complaining that they can’t be assholes to other people.8 There are kindergarten graduates who have a better grasp on how to behave around others than they do. 

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  1. Seriously. 

  2. And it’s not even all that useful since I already have most of the assholes using it blocked. 

  3. I speak from experience on this. I was told that I couldn’t have PTSD from childhood emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and bullying. I was told only military service personnel who were atracked in a war zone could have the disorder. 

  4. Voting is a form of free speech. 

  5. Twitter. 

  6. It isn’t. 

  7. If you think terrorizing another person is fun, seek professional help. 

  8. Get some manners, guys. 

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  • Tria

    Re. footnote #3, I took part in a debate live on radio with ex-politician Edwina Currie a couple of years ago, about the bedroom tax. I happened to mention in passing that I have PTSD so taking a lodger to ease the financial pressure of the tax would not be an appropriate move for me. Half an hour later? Some dipshit of a guy who said he’s an ex-bailiff phoned in to the show and said I can’t possibly have PTSD because I don’t live in the Congo or a similar war zone. He had no medical qualifications at all, naturally.

    It’s nauseating and really frankly disgusting how few people seem to have any idea of the differences between “regular” PTSD and cPTSD, or the causes & triggers of the former, and how many apparently hold the disturbingly ableist belief that the latter is the only valid type or the only sort of post-traumatic disorder that exists. People who think that way really make me sick. I’m sorry you share my experience.

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