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I was right. The appointment with the cardiologist was no big deal. He’s happy that I want to exercise. He’s pretty sure I will be totally fine exercising with my Thumper-esque heart. He believes that exercise will slow my freakishly fast heart down. That would be nice. 

After two technicians finally found my heart rhythm to do an EKG,123 the doctor came in to talk to me. Apparently UAB wasn’t clear about why they wanted me to be seen—specifically that they wanted a new echocardiogram done. The cardiologist did order another echocardiogram in the end, since it had been five years since my last one & he wanted to be safe.4 He said that he just wanted to confirm that my heart didn’t have anything dangerous going on. I can understand and appreciate.5

The echocardiogram went pretty well. A tech there couldn’t find my full blood pressure.67 My systolic8 pressure was 114 at this point. After she tried & gave up, I had to take my shirt off9 and put on a gown.10 It seemed pretty standard for an ultrasound thing, except the gel got in one of my pigtails. Oh, and there was a little shuffly beat that caused the tech and me to do that confused head tilt that dogs like to do when they hear a certain noise that irks them. So she listened to that a few times & highlighted it, so I’m sure the doctor will get to examine it more clearly.

Oh, and you know how I get super annoyed about how high the UAB doctors think my blood pressure is.11 They love to hint at putting me on medicine for hypertension.12 And I have tweeted & blogged about how I think that putting me on blood pressure medicine is a little bit of a bad idea.13 I was right to be annoyed.1415 My blood pressure was 98/64.16 Blood pressure medicine would drop that under the 90/60 limit.17 So no blood pressure medicine for me.18

But I’m pretty sure that everything will be okay and that my full clearance to exercise will soon be official. Even with my shuffly beat. 

No worries. 

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  1. No shit. They couldn’t get a reading on 3-4 leads. 

  2. I considered singing “If I Only Had A Heart” while they looked for my heart. No really, I was going to, until I realized that that would make it harder to read. 

  3. My boobs were out in the open the whole time they couldn’t find my rhythm. 

  4. He didn’t want to be sued if the medical clearance killed me. 

  5. Don’t let me die, Dr. dude. 

  6. I swear I’m alive. 

  7. And not a robot

  8. Top number. 

  9. My boobs spent a lot of time out of my clothes today, but not for fun times. Bummer. 

  10. Those things suck, btw. 

  11. I’ve complained about this on here & on Twitter many times in the past. 

  12. Sometimes they don’t hint. They say, “We’re putting you on this medicine for your blood pressure.” I can usually convince them not to prescribe it. One time, when I was anemic and my blood pressure was going under 90/60 at times, they actually did prescribe blood pressure medicine. I didn’t take it long. 

  13. Because it would literally KILL ME

  14. Unless you want me dead, you should be annoyed, too. 

  15. If you want me dead, gtfo my blog. 

  16. Automatic blood pressure machines can suck it. Manual blood pressure ftw! 

  17. 90/60 is the magical number where it becomes hypotension. Hypotension can cause kidney failure. Hypotension is dangerous. Hypotension is a big do not want

  18. Trust your instincts about your own body. 

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  • Tria

    Re. footnote 16: so say we all! Damned automatic things tend to yank my shoulder out of the socket all by themselves while they’re tightening 🙁 EDS is so much fun, ya? =P

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