I Cry Before My Birthday 

I really do cry before my birthday. The day before my birthday seems to be a stressful, depressing, anxious time for me.1 I cried a lot Tuesday. My depression and anxiety issues didn’t mix well with my racing heart, a milkshake,2 and my inability to find my Effexor bottle most of the day.3 I found it eventually and stopped crying like a toddler. 

It’s a tradition that I need to break. Maybe I’ll figure out how to do so one of these days.4

  1. Because the rest of my life is super fun time. 

  2. Damn you, lactose intolerance! 

  3. In addition to dizziness, blood pressure issues, a little catatonia/increases in pain & fatigue, and profound bitchiness, a lack of Effexor leads to crying fits that just won’t end. 

  4. Yeah, right. 

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