Burning, Yearning Feelin’ Inside Me 1

I went for a walk today.1 As I went to step down from the blocks we have between the door & the porch, I didn’t step out far enough. I didn’t fall, but I almost did. I could feel my the ligaments in my ankle start to pull and stretch. Imagine a rubber band being stretched. You’ve almost gotten it stretched to the point where it will snap. Everything feels tight, but you can also feel the weakness. That’s how my ankle felt.)) Itdefinitely didn’t feel pleasant.23 It’s still tender twelve or so hours later. 

It does better if I’m not stretching my foot out. That probably sounds like something simple that anyone could avoid doing, but I tend to do weird stretchy/hypermobile stuff while I’m just fidgeting & burning off nervous energy. And if it’s something uncomfortable or slightly painful, that might make me do it more. I know, I know. I’m a bit fucked up.4 

Anyway, I won’t be limiting my walking/exercising unless it worsens. I’m propping it & may ice it some, but I’m pretty sure that everything is 100%. 

Just don’t tell the UAB doctor that has to sign off on my medical clearance for the Wellnrss Center that I almost sprained my ankle while attempting to exercise. That will tank my efforts. And that would seriously suck. 

Okay, my nighttime medicine is kicking in so the words on here are starting to look all kinds of strange. Goodnight, all.5

  1. Actually, I went on two solo walks and one Amy walk. 

  2. In part because it burned. 

  3. It was also unpleasant because it felt like it would snap right that second. If it had, there probably would have been a fracture or two as well. 

  4. You love me anyway. 

  5. You know you love me. X-O-X-O, Clumsy Girl. 

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  • Michelle

    Oh no! I sprain my ankles all the time and thus they are unstable but blah. Then I went for the first time and got a hairline fracture and then from the car accident in December of last year, I got another hairline fracture. Go me!

    Hope your ankle feels better!

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