I hate asking for help…


I have to find 1100 dollars for a procedure on the 15th and its 1100 for just numbing and Valium for the procedure, it’s 3300 if they put me to sleep and because my OBGYN is a bitch and said she didn’t think it was a necessary procedure… If anyone could help out it would mean a lot. Basically I have an abnormal pregnancy possibly molar or Choriocarcinoma but we won’t know til they remove the tissue and test it. But my OBGYN is a pro life bitch and says she thinks all my other doctors are wrong and that there’s nothing wrong with my uterus despite there being a giant mass in it which doctors confirmed doesn’t look like a fetus.

My gofundme is http://ift.tt/1XoxjJC

I would offer my PayPal but I was robbed a while back and my bank card was taken and I had to cancel it and get a new one and it hasn’t come in yet.

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