Daily Archives: February 5, 2016

I had to get up really early1 this morning to have blood drawn.2 I needed it for an as-yet-unscheduled appointment with the family doctor for a slut pill3 prescription.4 The phlebotomist today was stellar and hit the vein5 on her first try.6  On the way home, I stopped at the Wellness Center and joined.7 I had to pay $158 because my insurance apparently no longer foots the whole bill.9 The person signing me up told me I could pay another $5 and get a little scan-in card for my keychain. I said I’d memorize my 16 digit number.1011  I came home, called SSI for my review,12 finished reading Until You by Penelope Douglas, and took a nap.13 Nana called at around 4:00, which was also around the time I woke up. She asked if I’d gone for a walk yet, so14 I decided I should do that before dark.15 Amy had to go for her brief16 walks before I could go on mine.  I decided to bump my walk distance up today.17 I walked to the yard where Barks While He Twirls and The Plucky Sidekick live.18 They greeted me at the fence and I stuck my hand down to let them sniff. I didn’t pull my jacket’s sleeve up, which probably got BWHT a bit freaked out, so he bit me.  I don’t think he meant to bite me. He didn’t bite hard and the jacket did protect me from it breaking the skin. I wasn’t scared. I was a little surprised, but I realized that I probably was to blame for the bite, so I tried to greet him again. I rolled my sleeve up and calmly went in knuckles first, instead of the back of my hand. And guess what? He didn’t bite me. He and TPS demanded I pet them.19 He didn’t want me to stop petting him,20 but I did so that I could come home & ice my hand.  The bruise is worse now than it was when I took that picture, but not too bad. I think it’ll be okay, but it’s probably going to be sore for a while.  I couldn’t tell my family about the bite right when I got home because Mom was still talking to Nana. I knew even mentioning it would scare Nana.21 My dad was a little surprised when he heard because it’s such an un-BWHT thing to do.22 Mom is mainly trying to make sure an abrasion on my hand existed BEFORE I got bitten.23 I’m not worried about it.24 But I’ve learned that I need to be more careful in the future.25 For me. ↩The fat girl special: lipid panel, A1C, & CMP. Yay, obesity! ↩Norethindrone, aka a progesterone only birth control pill. I call them slut pills because anytime legislation comes up, someone has to say something about women spreading their legs. Yay, slut-shaming! ↩I have to go back in for another three month prescription because my family doctor thinks my risk of blood clots is significant enough that I need regular monitoring. Yay, genetics! ↩With a big old, regular needle in my arm, not a butterfly in my arm, wrist, hand, or foot. ↩Yay, skilled medical professional! ↩Yay, exercise! ↩And I will have to continue to pay this amount every month. ↩Yay, insurance!! ↩Yay, debt & poverty! ↩Yay, freaky memory! ↩I confirmed that I’m still an impoverished disabled woman with no car. Yay, my life! ↩Yay, preschool behavior! ↩I felt guilty because I had been napping instead of exercising. ↩#YesAllWomen. ↩One-house ↩My furthest distance since before my surgery. Yay, progress! ↩Max and Mario. ↩I’m easily bossed around by animals. ↩Yay, renewed friendships! ↩And she’d probably want us to call animal control on BWHT. ↩Dad has interacted with BWHT as well. ↩Yay, parents who are still overprotective of their adult daughter! ↩So it better not kill me. ↩Yay, painful life lessons! ↩

Biting Consequence 

Most of these pictures are from Nana and Granddaddy’s 40th Anniversary Party, which took place in January 1991.1 There are a few images from other days2 in this album, so I’ve included them as well. If I remembered what they were for, I put it in their caption. I turned 7 that February. ↩Including ones from before I was alive. ↩

Nana’s Red Photo Album (40th Anniversary & Miscellaneous)