Welcome to Snowpocalypse 2016

Where’s Buffy the Vampire Yeti Slayer when you need her? 

Actually, I love snow…in theory. In reality, snow is cold and I’m Southern. I like snow, but I haven’t really forgiven snow for the near-frostbite of 1993

My friend and classmate Lindsay invited me to her house that Sunday. On the way to her house I fell and hit my butt on the ice-covered sidewalk.  I continued to her house, which is ten houses from me. I got there & we played in the yard. Her backyard neighbor invited us to play with her. Instead of going across the sidewalk, we walked across the ice-covered ditch. The ice was thin, I was not. My foot went through the ice and the water entered my sneakers & multiple pairs of socks. We continued to play. I started having trouble walking and my feet hurt. Then they didn’t hurt, but walking got harder. I finally convinced Lindsay something was wrong. Her mom had me sit in their garage for a little while to warm myself. Then she drove me home from their house—the only time that ever happened in our friendship. She told me to take a lukewarm shower, NOT a hot one,1 and take some Tylenol. 

Also, I’m a little annoyed over the week in 1996 we got iced in at Nana’s when Granddaddy died.23 Nana, Mom, Dad, Aunt Barbara, Uncle Danny, Eric, and I were “stuck together” in the same house for a week, with enough clothes and medicine for two days. Mom & Dad had to come back to Huntsville, at one point, to feed Blizzard,4 Snowflake,5 & Tom,67 who were at home by themselves, and to get some clothes, medicine, etc.8 It was an odd week, but we had plenty of food9 and were able to get along pretty well.10 

Maybe I’m annoyed with ice, not snow. It’s all cold and wet, though. They go together, so…I’ll blame it on the snow. But snow does go well with my gingerness.11


And snow itself is very pretty, which I like. It also seems to make the neighborhood quieter, which I also like. 

Anyway, it’s cold and I’m conflicted on how on how I feel about the coldness. 
Oh, a progress note on my knee, I tried on a pair of my “high”12 heeled  shoes. That sounds like an odd and random thing to mention, right? It was my first time wearing heels at all since before the surgery. I walked in them for a few minutes. I nearly fell a few times, too.13 

But I didn’t actually fall. 

Go me. 

Mom and I argued a bit about the height of the shoes. They were three inches tall, which is like 7 or 8 inches to her.  I was a little flabbergasted at her “they’re just so high” angst. They’re only slightly higher than I am supposed to wear.14 But she’s my mom and she is supposed to freak out over that sort of thing. Even if I am almost 32.15

Anyway, my knee did fine with the shoes, so that was good.


  1. That’s so important to know, FYI, because you can burn yourself easily if you have frostbite. 

  2. He had died at the hospital the day before. He was not dead in the house with us. 

  3. We were all at her house because his visitation was February 1st and his funeral was scheduled for the 2nd. It ended up being the 7th, which was the day after what could have been his 77th birthday. 

  4. Black female cat. 

  5. Black female cat. 

  6. Siamese female cat named by a two year old. 

  7. If you are wanting to mock said two year old, remember how adorable that toddler could be.

    I can still do that thing with my tongue to my nose.

    Yep. I was so cute. Basically:


  8. Etc. being code for pads because that was also the week my second period ever decided to start. 

  9. People had brought a lot of food over because people do that when someone dies. 

  10. This was before I broke my family apart with my blog. 

  11. I like how I look when I’m out in snow better than I do in most other weather. 

  12. 3 inches are not that high, comparatively speaking. 

  13. It’s amazing how quickly one can lose the ability to walk in heels. 

  14. Two inches is max when you have joint issues. It’s supposed to be the max for everyone. 

  15. Less than a month. 

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