Let Me See You Faceplant 

I actually haven’t faceplanted in a while, which is a good thing. I did fall a few days ago, which is not a good thing. Since then, my knee has been swollen, in pain, and bruised. It’s nothing bad. It’s just one of those partly injured things, where something that’s still in a vulnerable state from a past injury or surgery goes into a sort of whiny, don’t-touch-me-you-tried-to-kill-me-again mode. No big. 

I kept exercising through it because I knew there was nothing seriously wrong with it. I still propped it up and I have to ice & prop it up to get to sleep at night. And the sleep quality sucks because pain has that sort of effect on sleep. 

Anyway, I went to physical therapy1 today and told the PTA2 about my fall. She didn’t increase most of my exercises, which was kind of her. I did okay with most of the session. 

Sort of. 

Actually, I was quite sick most of the time. I started getting nauseated while on the weight machines. I kept going, despite getting more and more nauseated. I started realizing what I needed as the nausea gets worse. 


You would think that I would have realized that earlier because I would have felt thirsty. But that’s where you would be wrong. 

You see, I had sugarless gum in my mouth as I did my exercises, so that my mouth wouldn’t dry out.3 Well, when I started sweating, I could only sweat so much4 before I overheated. And I couldn’t tell I was needing water because my mouth was moist from the gum. I figured it out when I touched my face & felt that my skin was burning up.5

When the vasoconstriction/STIM treatment started, I asked for a cup of water. I was worried that if I didn’t drink something soon, I would faint or faceplant or die or something equally dramatic. Is there anything more dramatic than dying?67891011 

I didn’t die.12 But I’m seriously still working on recovering from overheating. One sip at a time.13

But now I know better. I may bring my 32-ounce cup of water. Otherwise I need to speak up sooner. Overheating at physical therapy is not something I shall do again. 

  1. Two more sessions. Woot. Woot. 

  2. Physical Therapy Assistant, NOT Parent Teacher Association. 

  3. Xerostomia is a UCTD/Sjögren’s thing. 

  4. Anhidrosis is also related to Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease & Sjögren’s. Part of that is due to the attacks on the nervous system by the immune system that may or may not happen depending on the patient. Part of it is due to the fact that Dysautonomia, or a Dysfunctional Autonomic Nervous System, is common with these disorders. 

  5. 🎶 I can’t feel my face when I’m thirsty, ’cause it’s too hot…’cause it’s too hot. 

  6. Yes. 

  7. Downton Abbey

  8. Lady Gaga fans. 

  9. That one person in every waiting room or line you’ve ever been in. You know who I’m describing. 

  10. Sarah Palin. 

  11. Donald Trump. 

  12. Or maybe I did. 

  13. Too much water too quickly will also make you vomit. In case you didn’t know. If you are bitching because you didn’t want to know, 🖕🏻. 

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