Oy with the doctors already 

I have an appointment. Not with the grumbly clinic because, obviously, making needed appointments is not something that they’re willing to do. And not with doctors who actually specialize in women’s health care. No, I have an appointment with my family doctor’s office. Yeah, the same people who prescribe medicines I’m allergic to & don’t know the inside of the knee from the outside of the knee will be handling my care. Or they will until they close their office.1 At least the resident I’m assigned to in family practice is a really nice person. That makes the whole knee incident slightly more funny than frightening.

It’s all exciting, right?

The appointment came after calling three options Humana gave that were supposed to take it & my Medicaid. Two of those wouldn’t take my Medicaid. One took neither. My concerns that Humana would recommend an in-network gynecologist who isn’t actually in-network was totally justified. Let’s just say this isn’t the first time that has happened.2

let's move on

Oh, and the grumbly clinic responded after my last email with:

I did misunderstand. I apologize. Due to the closing of the clinic, we are not making any new appointments (I confirmed with nurse manager about this). Given that you and I have never met, I am not comfortable switching treatment without a full consultation visit. We will put a letter in the mail to you listing all the gynecologists taking that are accepting new patients.

Yay. An unnecessary piece of mail coming from a doctor’s office that doesn’t want to do their jobs anymore because they’re quietly closing their practice.3 I guess I should be thankful that they’d put forth some effort, but I can’t really find it in me to cheer them on for doing the bare minimum. I guess I’m petty like that.

good work team

This whole thing has just been a suck-fest…and not the good kind of suck-fest.

  1. Let’s face it. If one specialty closes, they may all close. 

  2. If I counted up every time it has happened within my own family, we’d easily be over the half a dozen mark. If I counted every time a doctor’s office was shocked that they were listed as in-network, that would also go over half a dozen times. Some were once in-network, while some never have been. 

  3. Google it. There are no mentions that they are closing up shop of a clinic that mainly services poor, disabled, and minority patients. That bugs me. 

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