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After getting the notice that UAB was closing their OB/GYN office in Huntsville, I sent a request for a first available appointment for an annual exam. You know, the exam that I was I could schedule in October…when they cancelled my birth control consultation without informing me and told me that I could either pay them $90 that I didn’t have if I wanted to get my birth control that day or schedule an appointment for an annual in October and get it then.

Obviously, I should have fucked up my finances even more and paid for the $90 appointment because I got this response to my request:

Unfortunately we are no longer scheduling annuals due to the closure of our office next month. Your last one was 10/14/15 so you can have one at any time. I show you have Human insurance and MC. You should contact Human for a list of preferred providers. Once you find a new Dr you will need to sign a release form for your records. Feel free to call if you have any questions

Needless to say, I was not amused. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that I was pretty pissed off, so I fired off this response:

I understand your office is closing, but this appointment is important and time-sensitive.

I went off the Depo, then was rudely told my birth control consultation appointment was cancelled when I arrived for said appointment, and was told that day that I would need to wait until my annual exam at your office to get the birth control prescription. Now you’re refusing to schedule the exam?

This birth control prescription is to keep my anemia in check and prevent me from having to undergo infusions. I’ve already had some bleeding because it has been so long since I had my last Depo. And I’ve already started having early signs of the anemia popping up.

If I am even able to find a local doctor that takes the Humana & the Medicaid, it will probably be 2 months for me to get in, so I would appreciate you making an exception in this case…especially since part of this predicament is on you guys in the first place.

Yes, it’s manipulative.

Yes, it’s abrasive.

Yes, all of that was necessary.

The reality of their office closing on short notice is that it’s putting lives in danger. I know that they still have pregnant patients that they need to see, but they also have cases like mine where birth control is a life-saving medication and they have people who may have diagnoses of cancer delayed by months because they had to transfer their care to another doctor. I am so sick of doctors and their employees acting like routine appointments are unimportant. They may not seem to be important to some patients, but they are actually very important for others.1

And it will take a while to find a doctor who takes my insurances. It always does. Right now, I can’t even get the physician finder on Humana’s website to work. Once it starts to work, I can’t even guarantee that who they list will even taken the insurance.2 What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to let my health get worse? Am I supposed to just pretend like all of this bullshit, douchenuggetry, and dumbfuckery is acceptable? Fuck that. This is my life that they are messing with and they don’t have a right to jeopardize it. I shouldn’t have to sit here and wonder if I’m actually going to get medicine that I need in time to avoid infusions. I shouldn’t have to worry that lately I’ve been cold on hot days and that I’ve been paler than usual. But this is what I have to worry about when medical offices and insurance companies decide to make arbitrary decisions that endanger my life.

I know that neither the office nor the insurance company are intending to harm patients by making these decisions, but that is what is happening/can happen when they cut off proper healthcare.

  1. Actually, they’re very important for all of them. 

  2. Humana has a tendency to list people who don’t accept their plans and not list ones who do. 

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  • Amber

    Having had Medicaid for the last five years or so, and having dealt with some of the worst of the worst medical providers, all because they were the ONLY people that would accept my insurance, I’m fairly certain that they’re secretly trying to encourage all Medicaid participants to just die already, so they can save a few extra bucks. The doctor’s office I went to before my current one had literally the most incompetent staff I have ever experienced, and that was including the so-called-doctor (who I’m pretty sure only had a poorly Photoshopped copy of a doctoral degree to back up her “doctor” status). At one point, I came in for blood work, and waited almost two hours in the waiting room because the nurse literally forgot to tell anybody that I was there, and another time I waited an hour in the exam room because the “doctor” forgot I was in there. And that’s not even counting the medication she lied about when prescribing (she said it was a pre-natal vitamin, but it turned out to be an iron pill when my iron counts are completely normal, and no website on the entire internet even mentions anything about it being a pre-natal vitamin, unless you have low iron but then any iron supplement would be required even if you weren’t trying to conceive), or the pain killer that she prescribed that stopped ovulation completely, even though she was repeatedly told, during every visit, that we were trying to conceive. You have to fight with them every step of the way, because they don’t care in the slightest that you’re in pain, or that your life is in danger, or that you are, in fact, actually a human being. Considering how badly that place screwed you over, I think your response wasn’t manipulative enough. They literally do not care, so never feel bad about the crap you have to go through to get them to actually do their job. They’re the horrible people, and the people they work for are the horrible people, but never you. You’re just trying to not be dead. *hugs* I wish you the best of luck, but I’m not sure if that’s enough, all things considered. Keep at it, and maybe some day, you’ll find a place that doesn’t suck out loud. *more hugs*

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