Blue is the Balls-iest Colour

I intended to do two sets of my physical therapy “homework” today, but I got a little distracted with a certain talk radio host’s angst.1 But…I don’t know if I was 100% up for two goes of it today. I almost crashed after the first time through today & I’m still exhausted from it. I definitely don’t think I could have done two today, then gone in for physical therapy tomorrow.

When I took the recycling out this morning, I realized that some of the things I feel in my knee are intensified versions of things I felt as a kid/teen. That helped me realize that the ways that I interpreted the pain back then could have been spot on. For example, I felt a tearing/crunching sensation that I always interpreted as cartilage tearing. Considering that that’s what is going on when I feel that now, maybe I wasn’t too far off.2 Or it could have been something else, but it’s more empowering to think of it the other way, especially when I remember that one of my doctors back then used to tell me that everybody hurts.34 My tendency to downplay my symptoms comes, in part, from things he used to say to me.

Anyway, I think my mom is 100% convinced that I’m going to have knee surgery soon.5 She interprets everything I mention as another sign I need to ask him to operate. I don’t want to request that. Ever. 

  1. Yeah, I’m going to blame him for the distraction. 

  2. Trust your gut when it comes to your body. 

  3. Must. Not. Break. Into. REM. Song. 

  4. Way to be dismissive, right? 

  5. Keep your fingers crossed that she’s wrong on this. 

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