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Today, after dealing with the mess that was left in my mentions thanks to you know who,1 I had to go to my first physical therapy session. Well, not exactly my first. It’s the first one since this round started.2 And I had a new physical therapist…again. Including the PT and PTA that regularly work in the pool, I’ve had six physical therapists since the summer of 2014. For the most part, we just did things that I’ve already done. And, yeah, that stuff hurt like it usually does. It was also difficult like it usually is. But the new physical therapist introduced a couple of new things. Those things–one in particular–were a little too much for me. The first thing she added to my routine was a squat with my back against the wall. She wanted me to have my knees right over my toes and to squeeze a ball between my knees while I was doing this. Just getting into that position was too much for me. My knee started to go. I had to grab the corner of the wall & push myself up quickly to remain standing. We tried that move in a few different ways before finding one that didn’t completely do me in, but the instability and the pain just seemed to get worse after that. After the squat, she had me do weightlifting/resistance training, which is pretty much contraindicated for hypermobility patients. And she had me doing steps, which always causes problems. I think that on Friday I’ll be sure to tell her if certain activities are too much for my joints. I realized once I got home that some of the issues I was having by the end of the session were from my not speaking up. The therapist realized the squat issue because I spoke up, but I didn’t tell her about the hypermobility problem.3 But, if my knee starts to go out again during the physical therapy, I may need to give in and go back to the orthopedist. The physical therapist that did my evaluation did tell me that if it started to lock up or collapse on me that I needed to schedule an ortho appointment ASAP and basically demand surgery for it. She would probably say to go ahead and do it after today’s appointment, but I’m afraid that that might be rushing it.4 Anyway, I’m about to go eat some dinner and ice my knee. I can’t take any more pain medicine unless I want to be up when the sun starts to rise tomorrow morning. He’s also at least partly responsible for doubling my typical visitor count. ↩The appointment that I went to the other day was also physical therapy, but it wasn’t exactly a regular PT session. It was measurements and evaluations. ↩I assumed it was in my chart, but she kept commenting on my flexibility, so it’s possible that it wasn’t. I told the evaluating physical therapist that I was hypermobile. The other physical therapists who have worked with me also knew that I was hypermobile, so believing she knew should have been a safe assumption. ↩Oh, look. I’m trivializing a legit health issue. ↩

Another Day, Another PT

I intended to do two sets of my physical therapy “homework” today, but I got a little distracted with a certain talk radio host’s angst.1 But…I don’t know if I was 100% up for two goes of it today. I almost crashed after the first time through today & I’m still exhausted from it. I definitely don’t think I could have done two today, then gone in for physical therapy tomorrow. When I took the recycling out this morning, I realized that some of the things I feel in my knee are intensified versions of things I felt as a kid/teen. That helped me realize that the ways that I interpreted the pain back then could have been spot on. For example, I felt a tearing/crunching sensation that I always interpreted as cartilage tearing. Considering that that’s what is going on when I feel that now, maybe I wasn’t too far off.2 Or it could have been something else, but it’s more empowering to think of it the other way, especially when I remember that one of my doctors back then used to tell me that everybody hurts.34 My tendency to downplay my symptoms comes, in part, from things he used to say to me. Anyway, I think my mom is 100% convinced that I’m going to have knee surgery soon.5 She interprets everything I mention as another sign I need to ask him to operate. I don’t want to request that. Ever.  Yeah, I’m going to blame him for the distraction. ↩Trust your gut when it comes to your body. ↩Must. Not. Break. Into. REM. Song. ↩Way to be dismissive, right? ↩Keep your fingers crossed that she’s wrong on this. ↩

Blue is the Balls-iest Colour

Whether or not we openly acknowledge it, voter suppression still goes on in the United States. Nine states passed or introduced legislation that could have infringed upon the rights of citizens in 2013; six did so in 2014. Voter suppression is commonly associated with racism, especially against black people, but it also impacts the elderly, American Indians, students, and people with disabilities. Over thirty states have considered laws that would require voters to present government-issued photo ID to vote and around 11% of Americans do not have that ID, which would place an undue burden on them or would strip them completely of the ability to vote. Other attempts to limit voting include cutting back on early voting and making it harder for people who’ve gone to the wrong precinct to vote.1 Voter suppression is unconstitutional, but some people support it out of fear of voter fraud; it also can gain support because it bills fighting voter fraud can actually sound benign in nature. What do you think can be done to limit or combat voter suppression? Has your state passed any laws that you think might count as voter suppression? Have you personally experienced voter suppression? Do strict voter ID laws need to exist to protect against voter fraud? Or is voter fraud not a significant enough problem to warrant the laws? ACLU: 1, 2, 3 ↩

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