The Calmest I’ve Ever Seen 

I had therapy today–the psychological kind, not the physical kind.1 And it went pretty well–not that it normally doesn’t. Debbie told me that today I was the calmest she’d ever seen me. If you aren’t familiar with my relationship with my therapist, I should explain that prior to being randomly assigned as my therapist at the Mental Health Center, Debbie was one of the social workers on my foster sister’s case. She came by our house for home visits weekly back when I was 15-16. She has literally known me half my life. So this statement was a big deal. 

Aside from suggesting that I do more socially, she was really thrilled that I took the first step toward getting my license again: getting a pair of glasses.2 I thought it was a minor step, but she said it was actually a big deal.3

I left a message for the orthopedist that the medicine was causing some issues for me. I also told him about an issue that started today. Now, when I press where the pain is most severe, a sharp, burning pain shoots down my calf into my ankle. I know that’s a nerve pain situation. I also know it’s important for him to know of new symptoms. So, I told him.4

I guess that means I’m making some progress. Go, me!

  1. I’ll have physical therapy tomorrow. 

  2. I used to have a vision restriction. 

  3. I tend to play down aspects of my life. 

  4. Telling doctors when an issue starts is also something that I usually don’t do. 

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