Sleeping the Day Away 1

Not only did I not fall asleep until 4:00 AM last night, I was asleep most of the day today. I woke up briefly at about noon & again (for a longer time) around 1:30 PM. I don’t think I was up officially until after 5:00. I just felt so tired whenever I would try to get up. 

Tonight I’m not going to take one of the medicines I’m taking to ease the pain. I don’t want to stay up super late any more. I don’t want to sleep any more days away. I’m going to willingly be in pain & have my depression get worse just to stay awake. Staying up late could trigger the mania. Sleeping the day away makes the depression worse. It’s not like taking the medicine is a consequence-free solution. 

I’m also going off the NSAID tomorrow. It isn’t working & the reflux is getting worse after every time I use it. At least I tried to take it. I gave it a shot. Since I can’t take it and there’s actually a side effect, I’m probably going to leave a message for the doctor. 

Sometimes every decision you can make is a sucky decision. 

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  • Jenn

    Reflux is most definitely an indication that your stomach is not happy with the medication. You’re definitely making the right call to cease taking it, though it sucks to deal with pain that is mostly caused by untreated inflammation. I’m right there with you (back and shoulder, but right now back especially). 🙁

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