Oh, How It Resonates 1

Last Monday, I went to the orthopedist with my knee. As usual, for me,1 somehow my file got misplaced until his nurse realized that maybe that girl who had been sitting out in the waiting room for a while was there to see the doctor. I told her my name & who I was there to see. A few minutes later, she was taking me back to X-Ray.2 By the time that I was out of X-Ray, the room was open.

The standing x-ray of my knee. Maybe Rachel Cooper, the troll of Nottingham, can explain why my kneecap is where it is. It wasn’t long before the physician’s assistant came in. He asked me if it hurt when he pressed different spots. Then he started pushing my kneecap around and rotating my knee and leg in different ways; it was very similar to the things the physical therapist had done during her exam, except this PA dude pushed a lot harder than she had pushed. I told him about the knee buckling/going out that had gone on & and how it had started as a painless thing before morphing into a screaming in pain situation. He asked if it hurt when I went down stairs and I told him that I didn’t know.3 I also told him that I’d gone through about two months of physical therapy because I’d thought that that would help. He also asked if I had taken any anti-inflammatories/NSAIDs over the last few months. I told him that they upset my stomach and he was kind of like, “Oh, okay.” Then I mentioned that I’d also had gastric bypass surgery and he was like, “Yeah, you should never take NSAIDs.”4

When the orthopedist came in, he did some of the same manipulations of my knee that the PA had done. He told me that he was going to order an MRI because he couldn’t tell what was going on without it and that the knee buckling worried him. He was glad that I had tried the physical therapy, but he didn’t like that it had gotten worse during the sessions.567 He suggested that it could be a tear in the meniscus, but he couldn’t be sure without the MRI.

If Dottie had ever gotten around to doing the requested referral,8 I could have gotten the MRI scheduled on Monday. Instead, I had to wait until Thursday for a prior authorization to come in. It came within an hour after I’d sent my name, phone number, zip code, and email address to Humana’s social media team.9 My MRI is scheduled for Tuesday evening at 6:15. When the scheduling/referral person from the orthopedist’s office called, she said that it was at 6:15, but didn’t say AM or PM, so I had to ask. She laughed & promised they would never try to send anyone that early for an MRI.

My appointment with the orthopedist to find out the results of the MRI is set for the next day after 3.10 I’m looking forward to figuring out what is going on and finding out what I need to do to get better. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end of my knee hurting like hell.

Keep your fingers crossed.11

  1. This has happened to me a few times. 

  2. There wasn’t an exam room open at this point. 

  3. My old orthopedist, who is old enough that he’s now retired, told me as a teenager to avoid stairs. I told the PA this. 

  4. Told you so, UAB. 

  5. I didn’t like that either. 

  6. Neither did the physical therapists–pool and land. 

  7. Or my family. 

  8. Let’s face it. Everyone involved, including Dottie, knew that she wasn’t going to make that referral. 

  9. On Wednesday evening, I had asked how long it would take for the prior authorization to be approved. They responded Thursday morning asking for those bit of information to look up my case. 

  10. Dad is a bit bitchy about having to go on a Wednesday because that’s grocery day and nothing is allowed to interfere with grocery day. But the next appointment available was the next Tuesday morning and he hates morning appointments even more than he hates Wednesday ones. 

  11. And not behind your back. 

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  • Jenn

    I hope you’re finally on your way to a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan. I think I finally am, too (for my back and shoulder). It only took nine months of complaining + a life-threatening NSAID-induced injury to get my PCP to remove his head from his ass and promise to actually TREAT me (second opinion, additional MRIs, NOT-NSAID pain medication, etc.). Fingers are crossed for us both!

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