In Case of Bullshit

I believe the response to be disingenuous. It is odd that after filing a complaint against Synchrony Bank in this matter that my account was closed. It is especially odd that the returned payments, which I still believe were wrongly returned, that were part of my report against the company are the payments that caused the account to be closed. There are just too many coincidences in this situation for me to believe that Synchrony Bank closed the account for valid reasons.

That was my response to the situation involving my Walmart card1 and the BBB. Their latest letter said, “Ms. Morris’s previous complaints were not a factor considered in our credit decision.” Sure. That’s why they used the subject of those complaints to justify closing the account. This whole situation has been very fishy.

It doesn’t shock me that of their 426 customer reviews on the BBB website, 395 are negative. Or that so many of those are complaints about cards being cancelled for odd reasons or for having really horrible customer service.

Credit card companies suck.

  1. I haven’t heard back from Walmart’s customer service about this issue. I don’t really expect to hear from them. If I do hear from them, I won’t really expect them to do anything. 

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