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In July, I was having serious issues with Synchrony Bank, which is the company that administers the Walmart store card. As I mentioned in my complaint to Walmart, I had set up payments before the due date to make sure that I didn’t miss any payments. Synchrony is a little odd compared to other credit card companies that I have dealt with in that it, as I found out later at https://thecatalogueguide.co.uk/home/washing-machines-rent/, takes 1-2 months for automatic payments to be set-up,1 so they expect that the first two months will be paid manually.2 If I’d realized this, I would have done that. When I made manual payments, after complaining that I didn’t know about this 1-2 month thing, they didn’t tell me at first that the payments weren’t being applied because of some issue with the information I gave them.3 I had to find this out through their rebuttal to the Better Business Bureau. And they said in their rebuttal that they actually don’t inform the customer of this until they get their next statement. The funny thing about that is that after learning of the payments not going through, I sent one that did get processed. Before their statement would get to me, I had already fixed the problem. But, by the next time their statement would be available, they had closed my account. I had an account with them for about three months. The first month was a free month. The second had a payment issue, but we fixed it, and I offered to make up this payment to them. The third the payment was paid on time, but the account got closed. So that’s why I finally sent Walmart this complaint:4 In July, I made a complaint to the BBB because of an issue with Synchrony Bank’s billing practices on the Walmart Card. I had set up automatic payments weeks before the due date, but the payment did not get processed. I was then charged a late fee. I had tried to sort it out through the messaging system on the card’s website, but was confused and off-put by the messages I was receiving from their customer service people. I also attempted 2 manual payments. I found out in late July, through the BBB complaint, that there had been some issue with my bank account information that I had provided for the manual payments, something I thought was ridiculous because the account information came directly from my bank statement, so I reentered the information and it time it worked. When I mentioned that I hadn’t been told about the account info issues, Synchrony Bank’s employee said that that was because they don’t inform consumers of this issue until their next statement. I thought that once the payment had gone through that everything had worked out, but received a letter that stated my account was being closed because I’d had too many “dishonored” payments. To me, it seems very odd that an account would be canceled over an issue that was the cause of a BBB complaint. It also seems odd that it would be closed over a week after a successful payment went through, one that proved that I wasn’t trying to skip paying my bill. I submitted a photograph of the letter that Synchrony sent over the account being closed to the BBB. It would be nice if my account wasn’t closed, but I won’t lose sleep over it if it never reopens. I probably won’t be able to shop from Walmart’s website anymore, though. I could call a phone number Synchrony has for account closures, but I probably won’t because phone calls are still too hard with my anxiety issues.5 As I mentioned in my complaint to Walmart, I sent a photograph of the letter to the Better Business Bureau. I also mentioned that I felt that it was a “punishment” over the issues mentioned within the complaint. I guess I’ll just be a Target girl from now on. Like I said, no other company has ever taken that long. ↩This isn’t covered in the credit agreement. ↩This was odd since the information literally came right from my bank statement. ↩This was a complaint that their Twitter account suggested I make last month. I really should have done it then, but I didn’t anticipate the account closure. ↩This is especially true for calls that involve financial issues. ↩

My Complaint to Walmart