Call Your Doctor, It’s Time You Had the Talk

I finished the pool therapy a few weeks ago and the physical therapist suggested a course of land therapy because enough improvement hadn’t been made and the pain was still intense.1 I have one more session and she told me today that I really need to call the doctor. That was something we had talked about as a possible outcome. The other was that the pain would get better and that I would be getting stronger.

Obviously, I haven’t improved enough.

So I’m waiting to hear back from the family medicine clinic to find out when I should come in and get it examined. I hope that they’re able to figure it out, fix it, and get this pain to stop. It’s not just making it painful to get around. It hurts all the time. It keeps me from going to sleep, which is making it harder to get in the right amount of sleep, which is making me bitchier and completely exhausted all the time. A lot of the time, I’m putting off things I want to do and not talking to people I want to talk to because I just feel like crap. I don’t want to be miserable around people who make me happy, so I’m avoiding those people, which is probably pushing them away.2

  1. It’s getting worse pain-wise. 

  2. And the idea that it’s pushing them away only makes me more miserable, which makes the pain worse. 

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