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I finished the pool therapy a few weeks ago and the physical therapist suggested a course of land therapy because enough improvement hadn’t been made and the pain was still intense.1 I have one more session and she told me today that I really need to call the doctor. That was something we had talked about as a possible outcome. The other was that the pain would get better and that I would be getting stronger. Obviously, I haven’t improved enough. So I’m waiting to hear back from the family medicine clinic to find out when I should come in and get it examined. I hope that they’re able to figure it out, fix it, and get this pain to stop. It’s not just making it painful to get around. It hurts all the time. It keeps me from going to sleep, which is making it harder to get in the right amount of sleep, which is making me bitchier and completely exhausted all the time. A lot of the time, I’m putting off things I want to do and not talking to people I want to talk to because I just feel like crap. I don’t want to be miserable around people who make me happy, so I’m avoiding those people, which is probably pushing them away.2 It’s getting worse pain-wise. ↩And the idea that it’s pushing them away only makes me more miserable, which makes the pain worse. ↩

Call Your Doctor, It’s Time You Had the Talk

A lovely opinion by someone identifying as Priscila that I encountered while reading the Buzzfeed story on Project Harpoon:1 Fat people will be like “yeah is my thyrode or my genes”. No sweety, is you not doing excersise or eating your veggies So much denial here. EDIT: For starters, when you are fat you are not healty because if you fall your own weight will break a bone that normally wont if you are skinnier. And my response: I’ve always been obese and I’ve fallen a lot in my life. None of those falls resulted in a fracture. That’s even with a pretty severe vitamin D deficiency and with connective tissue diseases (Ehlers-Danlos & UCTD) which cause more fragile bones. God, even PCOS, which I also have and was diagnosed by a specialist, can lead to fragile bones, but, big shocker, no fractures while falling for me.The only breaks I’ve ever had were when I was 13, 14, and 16. That was one stress fracture that just took a long time to heal, which would have been true even if I had grown up at a healthy weight. (People with EDS have a harder time healing from injuries.) And to the people who bring up the high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. stuff: Yes, obese people can develop those things, but not every obese person does. I have low blood pressure. I have normal blood sugar. I have some cholesterol issues, but I’ve been working on that without medication and it’s been improving. If you saw me, you wouldn’t know that I eat an extremely low sodium diet and only take in, at most, 1500 calories. You wouldn’t know that the only things I drink every day are water (64-96 oz./day) and milk (8 oz./day). You wouldn’t know that I really hate fast food. You wouldn’t know that when I can exercise regularly (I have an ongoing EDS-related knee injury that’s got that sidelined for now) that I walk 2 miles a day (split into a mile or less per session per doctor’s orders) or that when I can’t, I’m still getting in more steps in a day than my more able-bodied friends. And you wouldn’t know that because when you look at me, all you see is the fat. You don’t see the person. So your “concern” over my health or over the health of other people who look like I do really seems fake. My mom’s obese2 and breaks bones every year, but it isn’t the obesity that causes the breaks. It’s the combination of connective tissue disease and a vitamin d deficiency. My 82-year old grandmother is obese, falls down quite a bit, and doesn’t break bones.345 Being obese and falling doesn’t mean someone is going to break a bone. Weight problems and falling down aren’t uncommon in my family, but fracturing a bone with every fall is. And guess what?! Even with the obesity and obesity-related issues, a lot of my relatives have lived until they’re in their 80’s and 90’s. Lifespan isn’t determined by weight alone or with the issues related to it. Maybe the non-experts on the internet should lay off the medical advice.6 Under this comment. ↩Yes, she’s also diabetic, has high blood pressure, has had issues with cholesterol, and has kidney failure, so on that she hit the fat person quadfecta. ↩She also doesn’t have issues with her sugar. ↩Her blood pressure being high is a relatively new thing. ↩I’m not sure about her cholesterol. ↩And the experts should know better than to give medical advice without a proper history. ↩

Sticks, Stones, and Unbroken Bones