Sharp & Achy

I had my appointment with a physical therapist this morning to find out what I need to work on during pool therapy. My knee that I’ve complained about on here, on Twitter, and when talking to my family is actually unstable & inflamed. Where I can stand for 13 seconds on my right leg without touching my foot to the ground or falling, I can only make it 4 on my left. She measured both knees–the left was swollen. While doing some of the tests, she found a hot, swollen spot behind my knee. She recommended a “stim” treatment1 to ease the pain from the exam. It worked really well & the pain almost completely cleared up for about twenty minutes. The physical therapist also suggested I use the modality room after pool therapy if I ever felt like I was in more pain afterward.

The PT also told me that I was walking “carefully”2 and that I was locking my knees in a hyperextended position as I walked. She said that I probably did that, in part, to prevent injuries to my knees, but it is actually damaging them. The position puts all the pressure on my joints and doesn’t rely on the muscles. It ends up weakening the joint and leads to more injuries. She told me how to fix that on my own. The exercise for that isn’t unfamiliar to me, nor is the hyperextension issue. It was one of my early hypermobile to issues. I had to walk doing plies part of the time to retrain my legs to bend properly. 

To anyone who suggested I was a hypochondriac over this or other issues:3


That’s really all that can be said to absolute assholes. If you aren’t experiencing it and you aren’t examining or treating me, then you cannot say, at all, to me that you know that I’m malingering or having health-related anxiety issues. If you don’t know what’s going on or not going on, you aren’t in any position to judge me. 

  1. It’s electrical stimulation with a non-portable TENS machine. She put a small piece of fabric around my knee and the electrodes, then a brace-like thing around that. The brace filled with cold water, so that eased some inflammation while the stimulation went on. 

  2. She said it wasn’t a limp, but that I walked like I was going to fall. 

  3. Rachel. 

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