Get A Location on That

Mom’s heel is doing much better than it was a few weeks ago. The last of her stitches were taken out on Thursday. She’s still banned from putting any weight on it for a few more weeks. But she’s healing pretty well. 

Dad started physical therapy a couple of weeks ago for his shoulder & is already doing better. It’s been awhile since he injured it,1 so he probably doesn’t think he’s healing quickly. But he doesn’t seem to be in as much pain as he once was. 

So the two treated dislocations are doing better.

That leaves my knee’s sloppy subluxation as the only one getting worse. 



No. No. No. 

I can’t go for walks with it like this. It gets worse every time I do. Even if the walk is only a third of a mile or so. That’s literally down the street and back. Not far at all. At first, I could pretend it and the knee-buckling weren’t all that serious. When the swelling and subluxation became obvious to anyone within ten feet of it,2 it became significantly harder. Of course, that’s mainly due to the actual pain, which has been pretty constant3 since last Monday’s walk

Pool therapy might help if I try to avoid making it any worse. That means actively avoiding the walks. Even with the pain, I want to walk. I keep having to remind myself that walking with the pain & injury could lead to permanent damag. Permanent damage could lead to surgery. So I’m waiting for my pool therapy referral & for my months-early rheumy appointment. Hopefully the PT & doctor will work some magic on me. 


  1. about as long as it’s been since mom’s last heel fracture 

  2. aka not all that close 

  3. and worsening 

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