Mamma Mia, here we go again.

I spent most of the afternoon with mom at the hospital.1 She’s planning on going to a rehabilitation/skilled nursing setting for three weeks when she gets discharged. Part of the reason is that she can’t get in and out of the front door easily because the drop from the threshold to porch is several inches, if not a foot.2 It’s too much strain for her right now. The other reason is that she is going through physical therapy & will still possibly be on IV antibiotics3 when she gets out.4

She will also have to undergo some heart tests when she gets out. Apparently the heaviness feeling went along with some EKG changes.5 Lab work said she hadn’t had a heart attack. The Doppler showed no clots. The cardiologist was concerned & wants to make sure she’s not got an underlying heart issue.6

She seems better physically than she was when she left for the hospital, but she looks and acts so depressed. I want to fix it because that’s what I instinctively feel/do every time she’s depressed.7

One doctor suggested that mom has osteogenesis imperfecta. I thought that sounded a bit ridiculous. If anything,89 I thought it should be a diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos. Mom has always been a fall-er, but has only been breaking bones since I was a kid. Even then, she mainly had strains, sprains, and tendinitis.  And it’s only been in the last few years that the breaks happen with every fall. I suggested she ask the doctor about my idea. Maybe she will. 

  1. She broke her heel two weeks ago, had surgery the next week, got the cast off Thursday, and fell coming in the front door when she got home from that appointment. She busted her stitches and had to have them redone on Friday. 

  2. If my GoFundMe for home repair hadn’t been deleted, I would link to it here. 

  3. Her ankle may have gotten some dirt or lint in it, which could have exposed her to bacteria, so the two antibiotics are a safeguard thing.  

  4. One doctor said 6-8 weeks; another 7-10 days. 

  5. She just told me this today. 

  6. Other than the murmur, blood pressure, and other known issues. 

  7. Since I was an infant. 

  8. other than the known issues of Vitamin D deficiency & osteopenia 

  9. She’s on 600,000 units of Vitamin D right now. 

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