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Remember how I had strep, then took the clindamycin, and was told I no longer had strep? Well, guess what’s back! If you guessed strep, you’d be right. If you didn’t, then I’m concerned because that should have been obvious. I went to the family doctor today. It was a resident that I hadn’t met before. The nurse had run a strep test, which was a good thing because without it, the resident would not have believed I might still have strep. Actually, she still didn’t believe I had strep. She believed I had to be a carrier of strep and not actually infected.1 She persisted in this belief after examining my throat, noticing that my tonsils were enlarged again, noticing other glands were swollen, and noticing that there was pus in my throat. On the pus part, she suggested that that was a result of my sinuses draining down the back of my throat. I may not be a doctor, but a positive strep test + symptoms of strep + physical evidence that suggests the likelihood of strep means that a person probably has strep. But she persisted. Apparently, the idea that a round of antibiotics couldn’t kill off this weak little bug was just too hard for her to imagine. Like I said about DK’s disbelief over the same thing, it’s not all that obscure to have someone with a strep complication. Obviously, it also isn’t that obscure to have a doctor believe that that bug is super easy to kick. Her solution was to prescribe an antibiotic and Claritin-D. She said it was a different antibiotic, but she didn’t say which one. I wondered if I had missed one when I looked it up, so I didn’t ask. That was a big mistake on my part. I told my dad that I had a feeling whatever she picked would be something I was allergic to. I was right. She picked Zithromax. I’ve been allergic to it since I was in high school. The pharmacy red-flagged it. The tech called my mom to make sure that I was still allergic. The pharmacy tech called the office back and said that I was definitely still allergic to it. So the resident’s supervisor told the tech that he would start researching to find something to treat it with. He also told her to tell me that I may have to come back tomorrow morning for another treatment. The resident’s boss just called as I was writing this. There is no other treatment that they can attempt from that office. They are going to order a throat culture for me and they’re referring me to an infectious disease specialist. The boss dude also told me that I might have to go in for hospitalization while they wait on the culture or after they get the results back. He did not sound very enthusiastic.2 I feel really bad for him. I sort of feel bad for the resident. I know things must of have gotten harder on her after they figured out about the allergy. The other residents who’ve seen me since the first appointment might not be having a good time either. Of course, I also feel like their temporary bad time is nothing like my having been sick for the last month. I think mine probably sucks a wee bit more. Strep carriers generally end up being asymptomatic, which I’m not. ↩Not that I’m looking forward to that outcome. ↩

Are You Positive?

toomuchor: I have repeatedly told her I don’t believe, I haven’t, and I won’t. Why does she insist on continuing everything? I know why. She sees only one outcome- me returning to true belief and revoking my “homosexual feelings”. Even if a “miracle” happens and I loose attraction to girls, I won’t return. Even without including my sexuality, I don’t respect/agree with/desire to be apart of the church. The times where I have been most happy has been the times where I was inactive or doubting. Where my mother sees one outcome, I see one as well- they are just polar opposites. 

How many times

The Missouri legislator1 who wants to keep EBT recipients from buying steak and seafood can go fuck a metaphorical duck.2 There are douchenuggets who think that restricting coverage on those things is awesome. Some want it expanded further because3 it should only cover nutritious items necessary for survival. They even want to ban chocolate. Fuck that shit.  First of all, the steak and seafood are nutritious foods. Seafood, especially. I sometimes buy frozen tilapia filets. They’re very nutritious. They’re also safe for my mom, with her kidney failure that restricts a lot of meal options, to eat. Between my card and the occasional sale by the store, I can sometimes get a few filets. Secondly, the ones who want to block the buying of other items kinda suck. Chocolate is nutritious. It’s also a good treat when you are eating mainly healthy foods. A doctor actually told me that a piece of chocolate everyday is fine if you’re careful to keep from overeating otherwise. Third, who the fuck cares what a recipient eats or drinks? You don’t live their life, so you don’t get to decide the food they can and can’t eat. I don’t walk up to wealthy people and say, “Ew. Caviar? You do realize you’re eating potentially adorable mammals. Gross.” But people want to turn it around and say, “You can’t eat that because you’re poor.” Nope. Not your life. Not your call. Also, when this sort of thing comes up, it reminds me why I have anxiety issues at grocery stores. I always worry that people are looking at the junk food in the cart, but ignoring the fruit, the yogurt, and other healthy items. I had to get a proxy card so that my family can get the food for me. Part of that is from the anxiety related to the cart-judging. I basically hide because I know that there’s a chance that some stranger is going to see my chocolate bars and say, “That lazy fatass is using my hard earned money to make that ass bigger.” The judgment that people have toward the poor can be overwhelming for some of us. Rick Brattin ↩Bestiality is gross, y’all. ↩paraphrasing ↩

Let Them Eat Steak