The Time I Asked For a Favor 2

I don’t normally ask for people to do this, but if you have a Twitter account, can you please report the user wnkpag3.

I’m literally receiving these homophobic comments and death threats because of my included tweet. The tweet I made was in response to the GoFundMe page set up for the owners of Memories Pizza after they publicly supported RFRA.

This user might not mean what they are saying, including other tweets where they are saying they have a planned date1 to attack LGBTQ individuals, but these are still threats. They’re still illegal. So, please, please, please, report this individual.

via Tumblr

I was told by one of my friends on Twitter that the account is showing up as suspended for him. It’s not showing up that way for me yet, so it may still need more reports before Twitter takes the threats seriously. Whether they’re taking them that way or not, I think they’re serious. I’m actually worried and it has taken a lot lately to rattle me online. I’ve also reported the person to IC3.

Larger versions of the images shared on Tumblr are below the cut.

  1. June 1, 2015 

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2 thoughts on “The Time I Asked For a Favor

  • Amber

    Hun, do you follow the hashtag crazyangryidiots or something? Because seriously, the dumbasses seem to gravitate towards you. Or is that just what happens when you openly support equality online? Just keep reminding yourself that hopefully someone will notice that guy’s behavior and report him to the police, and the nice doctors in the white coats will help him get past his batshit insanity with lots of drugs. The stupid can’t be fixed, unfortunately, but maybe the crazy can. Or at least be shut up permanently. Do they still do lobotomies? They wouldn’t have to remove much, since the brain is already teeny tiny to begin with. *hugs*

    • Janet Morris
      Post author

      Heh. I wish I knew how these people found me. I think this is just what happens when you support it online and the wrong person sees it. I think Twitter took his behavior more seriously (since he was suspended so quickly) because he was also threatening to kill George Takei and the Governor of Indiana. You can’t exactly do that and go unnoticed or unpunished. I also filled out an FBI cyber-crime report on him, so maybe they’ll be able to figure out who he is and keep him from hurting anyone.

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