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I saw a different resident in family practice today. She’s actually the doctor I saw last time I went in the OB/GYN department for my Depo at the clinic.1 Another rapid strep test was ordered. It was negative. My glands were checked. She mentioned that my tonsils were no longer swollen2 and that a gland in my neck was enlarged. My ears were clear. My lungs were, too. The end diagnosis was still the same: something viral. 

Her suspicion is that the virus my mom has is the same thing I have–and that either the strep piggybacked on it or that it piggybacked on the strep.  She said that if I didn’t improve in a week to a week and a half that I should come back. She said they might have to do a different culture of my throat to see if I’m growing something else in there. I’m hoping it goes away before then. 

I was just glad she wasn’t so dismissive and was pretty compassionate. I think I would have felt better about DK’s diagnosis if he hadn’t been so rude. It’s a lot easier to accept a diagnosis if you are treated like a person.3

  1. The resident who focused on my progress with weight loss & not the stalling out. 

  2. Actually, she asked if I still had tonsils because she couldn’t see them. 

  3. Protip: Never read forums like studentdoctor–it will ruin any positive feelings you have for doctors. 

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  • Tara

    I’m glad your experience with this doctor went well. I had some shitty doctors in the past, and it really doesn’t help that there is a language and cultural barrier with Korean doctors here . . . luckily, my endocrinologist is very nice, so I’m glad I work with her instead of my first one who asked me “How many times were you pregnant?”, not, “Have you ever been pregnant?” ~___~

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