Fat Ass Perspective

In a little while, I’ll finally be going to the appointment with the orthopedist for my knee. It wasn’t scheduled until yesterday because Dottie “was out”. For three weeks. Again.1

Anyway, I was just connecting my online health record with the family medicine and OB/GYN office.2 I got a chance to look at the levels. I still don’t see why the doctor was so quick to want to put me on meds for high cholesterol and diabetes now. Actually, I’m even more flummoxed by her rushing the idea.

In 2013:

Cholesterol: 219
Triglycerides: 204
HDLc: 36
VLDL: 41
LDLc: 142
Hemoglobin A1C: 5.7
Glucose, serum: 94

In 2014:

Cholesterol: 204
Triglycerides: 155
HDLc: 37
VLDL: 31
LDLc: 136
Hemoglobin A1C: 5.6
Glucose, serum: 95

While the numbers are still too high for total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDLc and too low for HDLc, most of the levels, except for the HDLc and glucose,3 have improved. In fact, the VLDL is now in the normal range. The Triglyceride had a significant drop and is very close to being normal, too. I still have work to do for the rest, but I’m getting there on my own/without medicine.

If she had simply compared the levels, she could have seen that. Of course, she was on her “anti-fat” kick and decided to go with the “medicate! medicate! medicate!” way of thinking. But that way of thinking isn’t always the best. And when you have a patient who is not only improving without the medicine, but whose family has a history of bad reactions to both diabetes and cholesterol medicines, then the medication option isn’t always that great of an option. If those things weren’t true, then medicine might be a great thing to advise for me to try, but it’s just not the time to suggest them right now. As for how much my weight has changed from 2013 to now, I am absolutely certain that my doctor was wrong to get upset at a little stalling the weight loss.

Oh, well. It’s almost time to go and I need to make sure my jeans will work for the examination.

  1. Yeah right. And I’m the Wicked Witch and have a bunch of creepy little monkey dudes. 

  2. UAB offers the service for free. 

  3. And the glucose level would change daily. 

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